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so Teen Top has their own unique way of doing things so I thought I share some amusing ones with ya'll ;)
kekeke forget scripts. they are too awkward reading those anyway. they know and we know that the funniest shit they say/do is just them being them.
group pictures...yup this is about right lol
pic 2: typical pic 3. no table? obviously let's just bully ljoe into being one. pic 4. this is pretty accurate. chunji is such a giggly baby lol changjo is always doing something weird in the backround. really just watch him next time. I should just make a card about it... pic 5: TT always take punishments very seriously pic 6: TT has no respect for their hyungs or their leader. smh. pic 8: TT everyday life. flying Ricky pic 9: had to include the way they "show affection"
Here they are trying to celebrate Niels birthday. they almost catch the whole place on fire and when Ricky puts it out he is reprimanded for his actions because only in teen top would this be the wrong response.
^^^ here is the whole birthday video. it's freaking hilarious these kids are crazy. enjoy angels!! xoxo if you want to be tagged in future cards let me know!
@mitchix5 I would be happy too!! :D
Could you also tag me? 馃榿
thank you!
hi could you tag me in future cards please? :)
@dallasyamane sure thing ;)