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Wow its windy today and scary....we were going to go to a museum today but after seeing the trees it just wasn't going to happen! I want to take a moment to pray for the people who are braving the winds today in LA..... May Hope and Jisoo Christ protect them....(sorry for that...atheist here)
Put look at this....this is scary..... This is my apartment....its just my mom and sisters.... When we hear glass shattering....a tree fell and crashed the window on my parents room (thankfully my mom wasn't there atm) It brought down the fence!!!! Nope I don't want to go to school tomorrow.... I don't want to leave my house!!!! Anyone else in LA?? I Hope you are fine and your family us safe!
Omg be safe let Hobi and JISOO Christ bless u. I pray 4 u!
Please Stay Safe!! JISOO Christ bless You and ur family!!
I'm in SoCal too! I'm not to far from L.A, it's super windy and cold Dx I'm terrified of leaving my house
I hope you're okay!!
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