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Man he is back at it again smh Obviously I guess it wasn't enough for him when he first dissed Bangtan back in 2013. Now this fool talking about he's going to bitch slap them and called our fandom retarted smh. Then I heard he apologized.. but can you really take this man seriously? I don't think he is sorry tbh. He needs to leave bts alone seriously, anybody at that. Check out da link ^^
BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. Some guy from Detroit (That's where I'm from lol) has the same name, B free and he basically took up for bangtan calling the korean B free out lol the shit was sooo funny omg but some people said why was he trying to use bangtan to promote his music... but at the same time I think fans came on his acc with the situation thinking it was the korean b free so the b free from Detroit had to clear his name. This shit was wild lol check out the link for yourself if you have not heard about this..
All I'm saying is his whole career has been ass so he has no room to talk bruh lol he should just quit. If he didn't diss them back in 2013 people wouldn't be getting on his head. He started it.. he should of known army was going to say something smh but I just wanted to make this post. I'm letting this situation go so I'm pretty sure the rest of fandom did too lol crazy right??
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@parktaemi don't forget when suga drop in on pt.2 also
He sounds like a total douche. I think it would be better to try and just ignore him. He is intentionally looking for how to get a raise out of someone and he found it. To me he isn't worth wasting my time. I have better things to do than deal with a punk who ain't got no balls.
@parktaemi plus major props to that one guy who said and I quote "How are you expect to reach and slap bts when you can't reach the charts"
B-free is the most popular on WWW. No life. comπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He really need to stop lije for real bruh
Kill him!