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Hey guys! So I am sorry that this is late today as I had THE MOST INTENSE DAY OF MY LIFE YESTERDAY and so I am running behind schedule...ANYWHO we are still voting for the next band you guys want to see so please make sure to vote!! Enjoy the Kris card as well!! XD ( Credit to owners )!
Thanks guys for looking at the card and I hope that you enjoyed it. So the next card is for sure Tao and then we will have made it through all of EXO! Don't forget to vote for the band you want to have member cards of next (BTS, GOT7, and EXO are all done)!!! XD @sarsoosoo99 @sosoaloraine23 @Kieuseru @yeniyx23 @AlyssaGelet818 @Ercurrent @Vkookie47 @taylorthetwist @AraceliJimenez @monicacerroblan @SusiBosshammer @SierraBecerra @frisky199123 @Izab3lla @RaquelArredondo @ScarletMermaid @NEOisRealo @MsLoyalHeart @EmilyGardner @ChelestiEdwards @swarrier16 @SusiBosshammer @otakukpopgirl @yeniyx23 @TesneemElAlami @TingTingShi @staceyholley @Vkookie47 @EmilyGardner @sosoaloraine23 @BelencitaGarcia @Beckah1337 @Izab3lla @Ercurrent @AraceliJimenez @AlyssaGelet818 @LenaBlackRose Sorry if I tag you more than once! XD
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Got7....or big bang
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lol im done with this fandom
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Kris' hand is like...the same size as his face
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