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I have seen nothing but hate for Ikon since they debuted, and it honestly effects them and if people are going to check them out or not.
So many people jump to conclusion about Ikon saying how they are bratty and rude and so on without even taking the time to learn about them or what they have been through. Ikonics know how hard they work and what they have been through most of us have been here since win. Then they went through mix and match. So before you go on and on about how horrible they are and how they used scandals to become as famous why don't you get to know them instead of believing everything negative you see about them.
Hanbin Is an amazing leader one of the best, but everyone thinks he is some horrible person when he is a sweetheart.
Bobby is a major dork and an absolute sweetheart he cares so much for the members.
Jinhwan is so emotional he deeply cares for the members and other he always tries his hardest.
June is so sassy but he really does care he likes to have fun, but is so hard working all of Ikon work so hard.
Donghyuk, Yunhyeong, and Chanwoo are all cinnamon rolls who care deeply.
Please get to know ikon before judging them they are an amazing group of hardworking young men. Please just leave Ikon alone!
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I hate seeing negative comments about ikon. I've been with them since win so I'm super protective of them and it really pisses me off that people comments things without knowing the group. I get that there will always be someone who doesn't like them but to hate them for something that may not even be true gets me so angry! People who take the time to watch win and m&m will see that these boys are damn talented and they've worked hard to get to where they are. They're not a perfect group so they're bound to make some mistakes and that's ok! Some people just see that there's some scandal involving Ikon and automatically think that they're a bunch of brats when they're not. They don't deserve this hate! Sorry for the long comment, I just get really worked up when it comes to ikon...
@JustinaNguyen oh I do too that's why I made this because I am tired of seeing everyone hating on ikon for no reason.
I use to not really like Ikon, they seemed too cocky for my liking. But they are growing on me, hoping the best for this group.
@JustinaNguyen SAME! omg I don't even think they're real fans! like wtf (sorry for my language) is wrong with you ppl!! also how they say Namjoon/V are ugly and should quit bts!! like wtf ppl!! Idk Ikon that much but you shouldn't judge ppl when you don't even know them!!
ughhh i love ikon with all my heard they are my second ultimate favorite group of all time...people shouldnt say nothing to ikon they havent done anything i got so mad when the whole scandal with jinhwan happen and they started giving them hate ughhhh i dont know i felt horrible ikon give me that family feeling that not alot of groups give off and that why i love them so much and when people hurt them or tell them stuff i also get hurt and offended as well its like you where hurt one of my family members...i hope people stop with all the hate towards ikon and just let them be they dont know how hard the work to get to where they are right now...people should get to them before they even say somthing about ikon or any other group IKON FIGHTING~