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The next day after I turned on my phone I finally looked at the message from tae. There were several that popped up. 'You were never a burden to me' 'I'm serious you aren't a burden' '(Y/n) please don't think I don't care about you I do.' 'Are you ignoring me' 'Please! I need to know you are ok.' '(Y/n) I tried to call, your phones off maybe it died. Please call or text me when it's back on' 'I promise when I'm free I'll come see you. Please please please trust that you were not and are not a burden to me.' I didn't call him I just sent a text saying ok. I didn't think he'd respond to me fast since he said he was going to be busy. Taetae: thank God I was going to get yelled at and leave if you didn't respond. Me: don't get in trouble because of me Taetae: stop I don't care what happens to me I would get in trouble a thousand times if it's for you. Me: go to work ok we are still friends so I'll talk to you later. He didn't respond. He must have listened. I called off of work because I just couldn't handle going to work. On and off all day I cried and I would punch the couch or a pillow randomly when I just wanted the pain to go away. I just felt like it was a lie. Why did I not believe him. He really hadn't giving me any reason not to believe him. I was just staring at the TV that wasn't even on thinking. I didn't even hear the door open and close. I was just frozen there. My face was still stained with tears when I finally snapped out of it, it was because of that voice. "(Y/n) what happened." I quickly looked at him and new tears were threatening to fall. I hadn't cleaned up the mess I made. I figured no one was going to be coming here anymore. When I didn't answer he came over to me. "(Y/n) did someone break in? Did they steal anything? Are you ok?" I couldn't speak if I did I would start crying. He grabbed my face and examined it. "Please answer me." With my face in his hands I finally spoke. "I'm fine." I whispered. I pulled his hands off my face. And got up. I didn't need him that close to me I needed to get rid of my feelings. "Shit (y/n) please tell me what happened?" "No one broke in, No one stole anything. Physically I am fine." I said quietly with my back to him. After a few deep breaths I turned to face him. "What are you doing here?" I asked "Well I snuck away. I went to your work and you weren't there. Your co worker said that you called in sick. I was worried." He walked towards the door. I figured he was leaving but he just grabbed a bag and came to the kitchen. He pulled out a few cans of soup and some sprite. "Thanks. I'm actually not sick I just needed a day." "Will you tell me what's going on?" "What are you talking about?" "Where did you get the idea that you were a burden to me?" "That's just how it goes for me." "(Y/n) are you saying everyone in your life says your a burden?" "No just the ones I...grow close to." I was not about to say the ones I fall for. Then he could play with me even more and destroy my feelings. "I promise you that isn't the case with me." "Will you abandon me?" "No! Who would do that?" "The ones I'm close too.....Tae you hurt me....I....I thought you were different but you.....the things you said sounded just like everyone else......I....I." I didn't even finish what I was saying for two reasons. The first being I started crying. And the second being Tae had come over and engulfed me in a hug. He squeezed me tight and was trying to stop the tears. "(Y/n) please don't cry. I'm sorry. I didn't know. I swear to God I'm not going to do what those others did to you. Your so very important to me. I won't leave your life and I won't let you leave mine." He then pressed his lips against mine. I didn't understand this. I pulled away. "Tae....don't do that...I know I was the first one to do should only do that with someone your dating...or are with or even want to be with them." "(Y/n) how do you feel about me?" "Well....I..." I couldn't say it. Even though he was here asking me I had lost all of my ability to tell him how I felt right after he left yesterday. "I'll ask something else when I kiss you what do you feel?" Don't do this. Once I tell you your going to run out the door and be gone. "Do you need me to tell you first? Are you afraid of me leaving you once you say it? If you love me or you dont. If you want me to be more than a friend or just to stay a friend I will not leave you with whatever answer you give me. I swear." "Tae....I would like to...." His phone started ringing. He pulled his phone out and looked at it then silenced it. "Go on..." "Tae I would...." his phone went off again. He silenced it again. "Tae just answer the phone. I'm not that important." This made him snap. "GOD DAMMIT (Y/N) YOU ARE SO FUCKING IMPORTANT TO ME! I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT THE GUYS HAVE TO TELL ME. THEY CAN FUCKING WAIT!" I took a step back. I had never seen him like that before. It didn't scare me I just wasn't prepared. Then my phone started buzzing. "DON'T ANSWER THAT!" He took a step closer to me. "Tae please calm down." "(Y/n) you don't know what you've done to me...I only think about you. All last week I was worried and I hated that I was away from you. I thought...." now both our phones rang. I answered mine while he ignored his. "Hello" "Hey (y/n) it's Jin is Taehyung with you? We can't get ahold of him." "Yea he's here." "Can I talk to him." "Hold on." I held the phone out for him. He took it and put it to his ear. "What?....I know....Alright I'll come back.....bye." He handed the phone back to me. "This is why I didn't answer my phone. Don't you get it. I just wanted to spend time with you. I had to sneak away because I didn't like the way we left things yesterday and now it's happening again." "Tae...I missed you all last week. Seeing you yesterday made me really happy said you'll be busy so you won't be able to see me. That hurts because I love having you around...." I closed the distance between us and just hugged him. "Give me sometime to trust that you won't leave...I'm terrified right now." He wrapped his arms around me. "Ok...I'll show you. You will be in my life no matter what...even if I'm busy." He kissed the top of my head. "Ok go before they freak on you." I said pushing him towards the door. "We're good right?" "Yea. Now go. I'll talk to you later." I smiled. "If you need anything or need to talk call me ok. I will answer for you." "Ok now go." And then he finally walked out the door. I needed to think. Should I risk it. Should I tell him how much I've fallen for him? He did say whatever I tell him that I will be in his life no matter what. That's it I needed to think this through.
Sooooo have I made you feel better after the way I left it last chapter????? I couldn't keep you guys hurt for too long lol. Do you think she's gonna tell him? Or is she going to shut down and keep it to herself?
she better not shut him out I will punch the closest thing to me XD
My heart is racing right now! She needs to tell him her feelings! Thanks for the update!
she better tell him. he better tell the members too otherwise they gonna keep interrupting every minute they sharw
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