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:D As most of you guys know, people were giving me a hard time for not being Korean and being in Korean club. (ahem the one guy specifically) Some things happened and after our class ended, he started walking over to where i was and he called me over and asked me "can i talk to you for a minute?" and i was like "umm yea" and then once we were out in the hallway he was like "im sorry, if what i said offended you in any way, i want to apologize for it" He looked sincere too, I couldn't just say 'no I will never forgive you' it's just not something I can do. and i forgave him and he said he wouldnt bother me about it again. and then we shook hands and thats where that ended =) Yea I know I'm soft hearted but that's who I am :D Well at least he won't bother me again
Jokwon is the funniest kpop love him
@Larkspurs id rather not think about that =P
mebbe he likes you ^.^