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Okay I'm doing a Markson fanfic but I have like 6 introductions I'm gonna use. One would be a high school love type of story, the other is basically one drink led to another and things start steaming up, the other is again highschool type Jackson bad boy and mark good boy. I know cheesy isn't? But my brain hurts for all this! *sigh* I think I need to update my brain 馃槳
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I like the one drink lead to another cause that's not done as often ^_^ but I don't know if you were asking for opinions lol anything will be good I'm sure
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@MaricelvaRomero ..yes like @PrettieeEmm said we can wait.. but if you insist I won't talked you out of bth they all sound good to me..WELL..the Bad boy & Good Boy kind of caught my attention..lets see the intro first..haha..
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@luna1171 @MaricelvaRomero yeah I like that concept.. I'm already picturing it in my mind lol
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@PrettieeEmm ...Lmao. .we have a dirty mind..ahaha. @MaricelvaRomero
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