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The week is once again over meaning it's time for another GOSSIP MAN with your host KwonOfAKind
■□■Let's kick things off by congratulating Big Bang on reaching 200 MILLION VIEWS for the Fantastic Baby Music Video■□■
GDragon has covered Winners song "Sentimental" (Which was actually released TODAY along with other MV's such as Baby Baby and I'm Young)
GDragon attended Chanel fashion Week and was Crowned best dressed male this is the sixth time he has earned this title
GDragon has also sung some inspiration while in Paris by taking more of an interest it it's art galleries describing the sights in Paris as second to none!
TOP replies to a fan releasing information on why he is single: Fan: Oppa it's because I like you too much that's why I don't have a boyfriend TOP: I like myself too much too that's why I don't have a girlfriend
GD has also hit the charts on Hypebeast100
But that's not all he's been quite busy posting a total of 44 pictures on his Weibo account
The private interview for TOP's "Secret Message" has now been released (I will be making a card all about this topic)
GD has given a Shout Out to what he calls "Seungri's Theme" XD
GDragon will be featuring on a single Track called "Temple" along with M.I.A that will be released February 19th Baauer is an artist most know for the song "Harlem Shake"
Some new photos have been released from when Taeyang and GDragon were on Infinite Challenge
The dates have been released for Big Bangs finale in Seoul
Big Bang has released a Promo clip from their 2016 Welcoming Collection DVD (The provided video is in fact subbed )
The Boy have now left Gimpo Airport and are on their way to Japan!!
That's all for this week's session of Gossip Man . . Is there anything I missed, that you'd like me to cover?
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thanks for the tag and infro
LE TAAAAGGG!!! Also how you get all this updated info on them!?!? 😱😱😱
@catchyacrayon I ask around and do alot of digging .....I don't have an actual source really lol XD (I've been slacking lately so next Gossip Man will be PACKED!!) And of course I'll tag you ~(^.^)~
@KwonOfAKind Oh my.... I didn't see this card until now.... stalker master... I mean true reporter!!! wow...
tag me please