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June 22 LeeMinHo oppa's birthday. I already can not wait want to wear a shirt that is specifically made the crazy minoz to # BdayGiftProject LeeMinHo: ') on the day of her birthday LeeMinHo CrazyMinoz throughout Indonesia will upload the photos together into Twitter accounts of each of the crazy minoz, and must wear Special # BdayGiftProject LeeMinHo shirt that is sure to style typical of the crazy minoz! Hopefully with the # BdayGiftProject LeeMinHo this, know this oppa's fans in Indonesia is very much hehe mushroom and a little bit excessive. We were hoping LeeMinHo minoz comes to our beloved country is INDONESIA Saranghae LeeMinHo ♥
Hi Eny Sinaga, I'm from Manila Philippines Question, how can I get this shirt? How much is this shirt is it okay to order I'm from Manila? Please let me know. I am MINOZ. Please PM me thanks! (Private Message)
Donna : ok sis :)) do you have a twitter account? if have twitter, I will follow you sis thanks :))
EnySinaga aww okies if ever it's available again kindly please let me know.. thanks!
ok sis :)
tnx eny. I will check my twitter more often.
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