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I saw it floating around and I have time to finally do it....granted there are still some that I have to do....maybe I will do them today!
Hoshi!!! We are both 96' liners so we have probably things in common!
Yet another fellow 96' liner....damn guys stop it! Woozi must like me because I am shorter than him!
But yet my heart follows Vernon....ahh so sorry to my bias Wonwon!! Still even though this little one is younger than me he is still gorgeous!
HOLY JISOO CHRIST!! Thank you....but you are supposed to be innocent here! Still we were meant to be (in a quiz) and now he is my first kiss! Gosh....
0~0 I got my first bias when I got into the group.....oh no....Wonwon don't do anything to me! Its just Woozi is adorable!! ( Although dont say that to his face) *in the distance Woozi calls out* 'Jagi what did you say!!' Nothing jagiya....I just said you are handsome! *Woozi walks back with a satisfied grin* Woo...I am safe!
Ahhh sorry Wonwon!!!!! 'I thought you loved me, Sam?' 'I am sorry Wonwon....I never expected it'
And he's my roommate???? Ah my life is complicated now!!!!
Well I love him but I hate that he dances soo much better than I ever could dream!
0~0 I want to apologize to @MorganElisabeth I got your UB....sorry T~T
@MorganElisabeth Thats true Wonwon will get over it but thank you for making it heh
SUCH BETRAYAL. But I'm so glad you got good results!! Wonwoo is always emo he'll get over it~ HAHA! Also thank you for playing my game! I am so happy people enjoyed it~ :3 P.S. I love to hate Junhui too. Those arms. BRUH.