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Okay this part is for MATURE EYES only. That's means if you really wants to read it then keep on reading but just to let you know it's going to get hot okay. "What do you want from me?" you said to him. He move closer to you until you and him falls on the bed. "I want you." He before he launch at your neck
He stands in front of you showing his true self. You're looking at him and can't believe it. "He is a vampire?" You said in your mind. You mind finally realize what he is and you run out the door. You didn't dare take another look at him. You out 're building bumping into every one that's pass you. You finally run to your boyfriend job where he saw the panic on your face. "Babe what wrong?" He said looking at you with worry. You look at him and was about to tell him that's your boss is a vampire. But then you realize of you do you might look crazy. "Oh nothing I thought I saw someone following me." You lied to him. "Oh okay that's good. Oh on wait aren't you supposed to be at work?" He asked you worried again. "Oh I quit, Because my boss was an ass." You lied. You couldn't tell him the truth. He hugs you and kiss you on the head. You gave him a kiss and gave goodbye. You walked out the door of his job and went home.
You get home and take a shower. Your mind keep seeing his fangs and eyes. You let the water hit your face as it running down your face. You keep seeing him over and over. You get out of the shower and head to your room. You get dress and wait for your boyfriend to come home. While you sitting down watching tv you get a text. *mystery boy: Are you really going to quit?* You dropped your phone and cuddle on the couch. **How could he have heard me tell my boyfriend.** Your phone's beep again. You picked it up and read the text. *Mystery boy: I also can read your mind. I heard you tell your boyfriend.* *You: I don't know how you did it but leave me alone.* *Mystery boy: But why would I. I'm having so much fun. I already told you I want you to myself.* *You: But why? I'm just an human.* *Mystery boy: Because you are the one I been looking for. *
While you looking at the text he sent. You look up and see him standing in front of you. You scream and run to the bedroom. You couldn't believe that he was there in your house. As you are backing away from the door. You bump into him, you scream. He grabs you and you see his vampire eyes. "I can't live without you. From the first day I couldn't get you out of my head." He said to you softly. "What do you want from me?" You ask him. He move closer to you until you and him fall on the bed. "I want you." He said before launching at your neck. You screamed but then you felt his lips kissing your neck. He move from your neck to your face. He kiss your lips softly and passionately. You felt your body get hot and ready. He move his hands all over your body. He went under your shirt and your bra. He started to play with your nipples. He takes off his shirt and yours. He unstrap your bra, he started to suck your nipples. He kiss down your body, he can tell that you want this. Your body is feeling every thing he his down. You lift up your body so he could get your pants and panties down. "It's looks like somebody had wet their panties." He said. He spread your legs, he started to lick every inch of your lady hood. You feeling your body wanting it. You thrust your hips with his tongue. You felt his suck on your clitoris and your mind and body went overbroad. You came on his mouth and he drinks every drop. He started to move up and you feel how hard he is. He kisses you then gets up and takes off his pants. He spread your legs as he position his member towards your lady good. You gasp as he push his member inside of you. Your body was moving with him as he moved. You didn't care that's you had a boyfriend all you care about was the man making you a woman. "I love you Y/N." He said. "I love you too." You said without realizing that's you had said it. He began to thrust he hips harder as he is about to come. You grab his back as he sits you on his lap. He thrust harder and harder as his and yours began to come. You felt his semen going inside you. He lays you down and kisses you. You began to fall asleep as you lay on his chest. You couldn't believe that he was your first even through you sleep with your boyfriend.
What the hell just happen? He did what? Oh I really wanna know what's happening next. do you wanna know? @yaya12@merryjayne13@ninjamidoriaOrihemay @@AimeeH @@Thepinkprincess @emealia @BBxGD @amandamuska @KpopGaby @KellyOConnor @tiffany1922
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