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Breakfast at Tiffany's just got a bit more delicious.

When you see that blue little box, you already know what time it is. Holly Golightly would definitely be excited to know that Tiffany & Co. is launching a brand new collection of fragrances. Every woman deserves a piece from Tiffany's at least once in their life time and now you can officially add one of their new fragrances to your list. Not only does the company plan on launching a new and fresh fragrance collection, but they signed with one of the top fragrance maker in the world [making perfumes for Beyonce and Marc Jacob's alike]. It literally doesn't get much more better than that.
CEO of Tiffany, Frédéric Cumenal said: “Tiffany is among the world’s most important houses of luxury, and fragrances are an important expression of the brand.”
Tiffany currently sells fragrances for both men and women, but they wanted to take things up a notch and put their name on the map -- the top selling fragrance map, to be exact. Although the collection is definitely in the works, a set release date and prices have not yet been announced. Keep an ear out and keep your nose open because you'll be dousing yourself in luxury before you know it.
ohmygod I read that as flesh fragrances XD
Ohhh no! Lol that would be terrible 🙈 @Gracielou0717