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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 22/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.
Yoongi had left Jungkook all alone with you, but it seemed that as soon as he was out of sight, Jin and Jimin were returning with Hoseok. Both men helped him walk, but when Jin’s eyes had found you, he was dropping Hoseok’s arms and sprinting over. Jimin briefly struggled under the weight of Hoseok’s body before righting himself. Jin stumbled to a stop before Jungkook, asking if Yoongi had gotten the bullet out. Jungkook nodded, murmuring that Yoongi had gone off to find Namjoon. Jin reached down to scoop you up and although Jungkook’s first thought was to hold you tighter, he also didn’t want to wake you.
So he had no choice but to let your brother take you.
Jin hoisted you up, calling out that he was heading into the warehouse. You needed treatment immediately and who knows how long Jungkook had just sat there with you in his arms. Shouldering open the doors, he lowered you onto a bed, whirling around to slam and lock the door in Jungkook’s face. The other man hadn’t let Jin take a full step before he was right behind him, eyes darting over your limp arm swinging lifelessly as Jin hurried forward.
At the door being slammed and locked in his face, Jungkook blinked.
And then he screamed.
His hands curled into fists, pounding on the door as he tried to force it open. “Let me in!” Jin set out medical supplies, briefly glancing to the door rattling on its hinges,
“Go away, Jungkook!” He snapped, “I can take care of my sister myself!” He ripped open gauze packages, snapping on some gloves and grabbing a second medical kit searching for more gauze. Outside, Jungkook had gone silent and Jin thought he had given up until he heard his soft voice,
“You can’t do shit for her.”
Your older brother’s ears perked, “What?” Did Jungkook- Jungkook the murdering, high school dropout- just call him incompetent in caring for his own family? Jin had set down the medical supplies, turning to face the door, “Don’t forget where you’re at, you little shit. Namjoon’s not here to protect you anymore.” He growled, “I’ve seen you with Y/N, how you look at her and touch her. And now that you’re both here, under our jurisdiction, it’s over. You’re not laying another finger on my sister-”
“She loves me.” He retorted flatly, “She told me, in front of Jimin, in front of Yoongi too, that she loves me.” Jin couldn’t do anything. The matter was settled.
Jin calmly returned to treating your wounds, “Give me ten minutes with her and she’ll think otherwise.” He replied calmly, smoothing down your hair, “I know my baby sister better than anyone and she’d never spend the rest of her life with someone like you.”
Jungkook had frowned at this, hand dropping from the doorknob. He angrily stared at the dark wood of the door, “Me?” He echoed. You’d never spend your life with someone like him? “There’s…there’s a lot wrong with me, but she still loves me. You can’t talk her out of that, Jin.” Jin had gotten to him for a second, but Jungkook remained firm. You loved him, you told him so. Nothing could change that..it was just you and Jungkook.
At least he thought so.
“Did you know, before all this, she was about ready to get engaged?” Jin cooed, “Well…her boyfriend had asked my permission and I said yes, he was planning on proposing when she came back from Jeju..but that never happened.” Jungkook furrowed his brows, you had never mentioned a boyfriend. He thought..
He thought he was the only one.
He shook his head, Jin loved mind games. “You’re lying. She never mentioned a boyfrien-” You wouldn’t have let him kiss if you were devoted to another man. He wouldn’t have been allowed to hold you so close or run his moist lips along your smooth skin, breathing in anticipation of what he wanted to do. You wouldn’t have tolerated his half lidded gazes and drunken smiles and taunting touches.
But you had; you loved him. There was no other man.
There was only Jungkook and you.
“Why would she? You’re a psycho murderer; she was probably afraid that you’d kill him.” Your wound was treated and wrapped properly. Now, all you needed to do was get plenty of rest. “They have an apartment together, on the west side of town..he’s probably there, crying and wondering where she’s at.” Jin’s voice quieted, his voice full of confidence, “Why don’t you go see for yourself..?”
He smiled softly to himself, holding your hand comfortingly as the exit doors to the warehouse were shoved open.
Jungkook ran.
He didn’t think; he just knew he needed to see if Jin was lying. So he ran.
And it wasn’t until he had reached the west side of town that he realized he didn’t know where you lived. You had never mentioned and he had never asked. Your life before all of this was a complete mystery to him. Apartments were everywhere, any one of them could have been yours. He angrily kicked at a telephone pole, teary gaze passing over the papers stapled to it.
And he saw your name.
A missing person’s flyer was stapled to the chipped wood, a black and white photo of you looking happier than he’s ever seen you printed onto it. With an arm wrapped around your shoulder, a man smiled back at Jungkook.
He felt sick.
Right there on the sidewalk he vomited, throat burning. You and him; he had wanted a family with you, you had said you never wanted to leave him. He thought he had a future with you.
But you had this man waiting for you and an apartment and a different lifestyle and a good future with a steady income and a cookie cutter home and trivial worries like what kind of cake to make for a special event. None of which you’d have with him. The smile you wore beside that man in the photo was nothing Jungkook had ever saw. He didn’t even think it’d be possible for you to be that happy with him.
But Jungkook needed you.
A number was posted on the paper and a curt plea for any information on your whereabouts to be called in. In a flash of fury, he had dialed the number, angrily shouting the moment it was picked up,
“I love her!”
The man on the other line cleared his throat nervously, “I’m sorry, but I think you have the wrong num-”
“Y/N.” Jungkook hissed, “I love her more than you ever would.” He had said it admitted it finally, and the first person who needed to know was that man in the photo. He needed to understand that whatever fleeting emotion he felt for you pale in comparison to how Jungkook felt. Jungkook didn’t just love you, he needed you, he craved you, he desired you.
“Y/N?” The man breathed, “She’s alive!? You..are you the one who took her?”
“No.” Jungkook replied honestly. If he had taken you, he was positive he would have never felt anything for you. The way you two met was crucial to how he had come to feel about you. It was perfect.
“W-Where is she!? Is she alright? Is she safe?” The man had started to cry,”Oh god, she’s alive..I..Thank you! Thank you, so much!! I-I’m Jaehwa, who are you? Where are you? I’ll meet you and we can get Y/N back home safely. I..I don’t have much but I’ll pay you for your help. You’re truly kind, si-”
Jungkook shook his head furiously, “No.” He mumbled, “I’m not kind..I’m not-” Jaehwa was misunderstanding. Jungkook was not some helpful friendly neighborhood watch. He was what the neighborhood watch looked out for. He wasn’t Jaehwa’s friend who was trying to help him recover someone lost. He was taking away from him.
Jaehwa was confused, but still grateful of the call with information on you. He figured Jungkook was shy and needed a little encouragement to reveal the more important details of your whereabouts. “Of course! You’re helping me find Y/-”
“I’m not..I can’t.” He bit out, sinking down to the curb, “I love her..you love her too, but I..I love her more. I need her more than you ever will. I don’t want to give her back to you.” Jungkook could feel the atmosphere of the conversation turn frigid. Jaehwa finally understood.
Jungkook wasn’t his friend.
Jungkook didn’t call to help him.
He called to hurt him.
Jaehwa started to panick,”W-wait, can’t we talk about this? Why would you call me if you weren’t going to give her back? Can I talk to her? She must be so scared.”
“She’s happy with me.” He whispered, “She said she loves me..I want a family with her.”
“She said she loves me too.” Jaehwa argued back, suddenly angry. He couldn’t keep you forever with his sick delusion of you loving him. You were probably so scared, wondering when you’d be free and that hurt Jaehwa to his core. He wanted nothing more than to have you back safely in his arms. “I want a family with her. You should let her choose for herself, not decide that you love her more and keep her! You don’t know how much I love her! You just assume yours is greater!” Jaehwa screamed, “Tell me where my girlfriend is!”
“I almost died protecting her.” Jungkook revealed quietly. Shoulders tensing at Jaehwa underlying challenge. Who loved you the most? Jungkook could do that. He’d win. He’d win every round hands down. Jaehwa had nothing compared to him. “What have you done? Paid for dinner for her?” He snipped, “Held a door open for her? Bought her damn flowers for her birthday?”
Jaehwa spluttered, “I..I’ve done those things, but she likes them. They make her happy. I also-”
Jungkook cut in once more, uninterested in Jaehwa’s pitiful examples of his love for you. “I left my group to follow her and make sure she’s safe. I’ve done everything for her.” He couldn’t top that. There was no way. Now was when Jaehwa admitted defeat and Jungkook could go back to you with his heart at ease.
“Her brother approves of me!”
Jungkook froze,
“What the fuck did you just say?”
Jaehwa was huffing, as if his admittance took all his energy. Sure, Jungkook had done all those things for you, but by how he spoke..he knew that Jin wouldn’t be all for him. If Jin ever met him, that is. “I’ve never met you, but I can just tell over the phone that her older brother Jin would not approve of you-”
Jungkook flung his phone across the street, watching it smash against the wall of a building. He lowered his face into his hands and cried quietly on the curb.

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