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Ok let's do this!!! I want to thank @TerraToyaSi for the tag!! Here's my card ☺

1. Picture, GIF, or video of atleast one BB member holding, picking, or smelling flowers.

My bias is TOP so I had to include him but GD looks so damn cute with those flowers!!!

2. Video of my favorite solo track by any BB member.

There are oh so many options but I settled with Taeyang's "Eyes Nose Lips" because I can listen to it all day and try my best to sing along. It's a beautiful song!!!

3. Video or GIF of BB on Running Man.

Hehe Kook blends right in with BIGBANG.

4. GD wearing a hat.

He's made that 1988 Olympics hat oh so famous!!! He looks good in any hat!!

5. Picture or video of Seungri's 2015 birthday.

Mr. Sexy party boy on his birthday last year. I want to party with him so bad!!!

6. Picture, video or GIF of something non-BIGBANG that reminds you of BIGBANG.

Before I found BIGBANG, VIP stood for Very Important Person and it was just a way of saying someone was special or had more access to an event. Now everytime I see a VIP sign I immediately think of BIGBANG and our ever growing fandom. I want everyone to be a VIP!!!

7. BIGBANG nail art.

I love their MADE concept so that's why I chose these.

8. Video or GIF of Daesung laughing.

Sunny bright Daesung. He always looks best when he's smiling or laughing.

9. BB member with a mullet.

GD!!!! He's been rocking the mullet since he was a youngster. There's just too much swag going on.

10. Mint TOP.

My beautiful TOP!!!! I loved him in this hair!!

11. BB getting ready backstage.

They always look perfect!!! I wish I was a part of their crew!!

12. Taeyang with a child.

Lucky kids!!
Thank you Moderators for starting this awesomeness!!! I had a blast making this card. @KwonOfAKind @lovetopia @catchyacrayon @JiyongLeo @Helixx I'm tagging @AnaP @EliseB and @Ercurrent to participate
I know what you mean, VIP has a whole new meaning now.
I didn't know why he wore the hat all the time but I found out that the '88 Olympics started on his birthday.
@KDSnKJH it's because he was destined for greatness 😂😂