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original game link: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1343710?shsrc=v all credit for the game goes to @PrincessUnicorn
I woke up bright and early to my alarm blaring in my ear. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and glanced at the clock. 5am.... I had 2 hours to get ready and head to school. I technically didn't have to be there until 8am, but when you went to a school like mine, with the people I do then it was best for me to get there as early as possible....to avoid as many people as possible. my school was a school for the famous and I....well I was just the lucky foreigner who got to go there. I didn't fit it and i didn't really have any friends. some of my classmates were nice....but it was a polite nice that still left you feeling like you were on the outside looking in. others flaunted their talents and popularity. they wore it like a badge of honor earned in a brutal war. lastly there were the crazy sesang fans that camped out in the mornings and just before the end of school hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite idols. they didn't like anything or anyone who made contact with their beloved idols....and I seemed to be in the way somehow. I didn't really understand how when I avoided the idols as much as possible. I was there for school and,school alone, but my existence in the school alone bothered them so unless I got there super early I would be targeted. I usually got home pretty late because of it too. I groaned as I forced myself to get up and hop in the shower. after I finished and threw on my school uniform. I glanced at the clock. 6am. I had just enough time to dab in a small amount of make up on before grabbing a handful of granola bars, shoving them in my backpack and heading out the door. I jogged from the bus stop and up the steps of the school. in about 30 more minutes the schools front steps would be flooded with sesangs but right now it was a ghost town. I gave the front door a quick knock. about a minute later Mr. Lee arrived and unlocked the door. "cutting it close today aren't we?" he smiled shutting the door behind me and locking it. Mr. Lee was the school janitor and the only friend I had here. he knew why I would come to school early and stay late. he was also the one who let me in in the mornings and walked me out at night even though technically he wasn't supposed to. he was also the one who saved me last year (my first year here) when I was attacked by the sesangs. I rubbed the ugly scar that ran across my arm just above my elbow and shivered as I remembered that day. sometimes I could almost feel the scar throb with pain again. believe it or not all I did was say hi to a sunbae who had greeted me. "are you ok?" Mr. Lee asked at my shudder. I quickly shook the memory from my head. "I'm ok!" I said giving him a reassuring smile. "in fact" I said digging through my backpack "this is for you!" I said handing him a granola bar. he chuckled as he thanked me "how did you know I forgot to eat this morning?" "because I know you that well 할아버지" I said giggling. I called him grandfather because he reminded me so much of my own grandfather who I missed dearly and Mr Lee seemed to have accepted me as his own. he smiled and patted my head before sending me off to his office to hide until school started. as I had said before....I want supposed to be there this early. I waited for another 45 minutes before I could hear the school hallways start to come alive with student life. I slipped out of the office and made my way to my home room.
I glanced around the classroom taking note of who was in my homeroom this year. all of the bts boys were here. I loved their music, but,i would never admit that to them. my goals this year were just to survive. I kept looking around...jinhwan and b.i. from ikon, jimin and seolhyun from aoa, momo from twice, and a few of the members from seventeen. I know the age ranges sound weird but like I said before. this was a special school for idols And I.....I have no idea how I got here. my attention was directed back to the front as the teacher came in to take attendance. I lifted my hand as he called my name. I tried to ignore the stares I was getting. the accusing "who is she and why is she here?" stares. next the teacher called for jungkook. everyone looked around the room but he wasn't there. I could have sworn I saw him earlier I thought. "here" a voice called as he ran into the room and grabbed a seat......right next to me!!! I swallowed hard and tried not to stare. with desks being paired 2 per row I had always grabbed the back 2 desks in the corner knowing no one would sit next to me. it's not like there was a shortage of desks....there were plenty of desks in front or even with other members....why here?! I glanced over at him as he settled in his seat. "what?!" he sneered as he caught me staring. "um.....nothing" I shook my head and looked back down. I was grateful when the bell rang to change classes. even though most of the students stayed the same we still changed classrooms. meaning I could change seats. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. I was the first in the music classroom and I took my usual seat in the back. jungkook followed inside shortly after. the room was empty except for jin who when I made eye contact with him he smiled. i quickly looked away. as a fan jin was my bias but I didn't need a pity smile. I needed to make it through another year. plus why else would he smile at me. the chair next to me scraped back as someone pulled it out. I glanced up only to meet eyes with jungkook again! why was he here again?! there were so many other desks in the room free. "got a problem?" he scowled "no" i said as I quickly looked down. this continued throughout the rest of the day. The only break I got from the hostel jungkook sitting next to me was during lunch. I would munch on my granola bars in Mr Lee's office and leave my packed lunch for him on his desk. I had so much anxiety from school that,i could never eat here. Mr Lee ate them happily on his break never knowing that the lunch was actually supposed to be mine. I heard the door creek open...that's odd Mr Lee never gets his break now. but I stood and peaked out from the office. "할아버지 I brought you l....unch..." I trailed off as i heard the door slam back shut. I got up to investigate but there was no one around. 20 minutes later marked the end of my lunch period. I gathered my things and quickly made my way to my to my locker. along the way I noticed several idols stop and stare at me or point and whisper. why are they looking at me? I wondered. as I got to my locker I began to realize why. attached to my locker was a string of crushed water bottles and soda cans. I quickly tore it down and tossed it in the trash can. I glanced around for any signs of who did it before dashing off to art class. I wasn't as early as normal because of the locker issue. people had already taken my back corner near the window so I sat as close to the door as possible. I laid my head down on the desk before a loud noise near my head interrupted my thoughts. I jerked up right. to see jungkook sit next to me and toss the nearby trash bin onto my desk. "trash bins full. why don't you empty it" he sneered. I stared at it unsure of what was going on. the once bustling room grew silent. "what? isn't that what you're here for" he kept going. he stood up and emptied the trash bin all over my desk. "pick it up garbage girl." my eyes began to sting. why was he doing this to me. I strove to be invisible. I know I had never done anything to offend him. why me? "jungkook that's enough!" I heard a voice from behind cut in. "what?! she doesn't belong here! she's not an idol, and she hangs out in the janitors office from what I hear." I didn't even bother to look back to the voice defending me. I got up, grabbed my bag and ran the closest bathroom to lock myself in. I nearly plowed the teacher down in the process. of this was how my year was beginning I was terrified to see how it would continue. to be continued.......
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they did it was just that year I moved back immediately to my old high school haha
sadly I know how she feels, when i transferred to a new school they kinda treated me this way justcminus the trash can part.....sorry I don't mean to be a debbie downer it's a great story!!!!
Daaammmnn! Very excited for the next one! 😆
Ironic in a way, Jungkook is stubborn but finds anyway not to socialize with a girl in real life. In the story you had me tuned in every direction..... keep it up. Fighting! ! ! ! 😃😃👍👍👏👏👀👀
damn damn damn DAMN oh my God. so interesting ✨✨✨✨ I seriously like the way it already sounds
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