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Hello vinglers... I searching for a card that have this outbreak news but I can't find it so I made this card because even in my country there is no case of zika...yet but we have face Dengue virus problem so serious now. because zika virus spread from the same mosquitos that carried dengue virus so of course I'm worry about this My son being warded for dengue when he at 7 years and I don't want any mosquitos which carry any virus fly around my family again!!
So, what do you know about Zika in your country? Thanks for reading this card and I'm glad if you can write any word about this. Hope you guys understand my english haha..✌ This is my 1st time tagging people here.. hope you don't mind. trust me, is not easy create a card from mobile phone... @nicolejb @danidee @christianmordi @cullenquigley @LisArnone @InPlainSight @alywoah @TessStevens @ButterflyBlu @mchlyang @JordanNash @shannonI5 @orenshani7 @AlloBaber @Aripendragon @jordanhamilton and rest of vinglers....
hey!! thanks so much for sharing this... All I know mostly is that it effects women that are pregnant, their babies develop smaller heads. it's so sad :( It makes me worried about the Olympics!! but I think (I hope) with all the news surrounding this issue, scientist will focus on finding a cure!
latest news.. WHO just declair emergency on zika today
really hope they find the cure same as the dengue virus too
woah, interesting @atmi!!!! that would make sense why it would effect the babies
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