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Uhm so today WINNER released like a million mv's (only 3) off of their mini album EXIT:E and I have compacted them to this list nice neat card for you to guys to discuss them over if you haven't already. (But I'm pretty sure you did lol)
I am also including a link to this YouTube page where someone has awesomely gathered all of the five songs off of the album so you guys can listen to it.
Link >> here <<
Which is your favorite song off of the album so far?
Who is your favorite member?
Am I the only one not feeling Mino's hair in 센치해? (Cause I wanted to cut it off lol)

좋더라 (I'm Young)

This is the first mv to be released.
Who was excited to see Taehyun's solo? *wooooo* I know I was. *^* but I also totally felt for him and his pain.

센치해 (Sentimental)

I think this might be a favorite (I think Epik High's cover is the best) and I already had the chorus stuck in my head singing it all day. (AKMU also had a very cute cover)

Baby Baby

So uhm this song also had quite a few covers done on it and I'm secretly waiting for the full cover from DEAN's sultry smooth like silky honey voice....... @^@
This mv was the last to be uploaded and describes the loneliness people feel and the various ways that they try to mask least that's what I think and so do a few other people.....
Tagging all of you lovelies
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Okay so like. I'm still not ready to talk about this because emotions, but I'm gonna try. I'm Young is my favorite which is surprising because I usually don't pick ballads as my favorite in mini albums but this definitely stole my heart. I'm pretty sure it's tied with 사랑가시 (PRICKED) for me. Anywho, I have a theory that at the end of the video the girl pretended to be pregnant so that her boyfriend/husband (??) wouldn't check the closet. I could be wrong, but like I really don't wanna see Taehyun cry no more so I refuse to believe different. Also, Taehyun looks so good blonde. I had to pause the video because so many emotions and such half naked him. Taehyun pls find your chill and embrace it immediately. Now on to Sentimental. Why did Mino look a Twilight extra with that bad ass wig? Seriously. He looked like an extra for the bonfire scene at First Beach. I can picture him standing all menacing snarling out "The Cullens don't come here." But moving on from that. Seungyoon has to have the worst case of chopstick legs in the idol world right now and those leather pants did nothing but emphasize them. I recommend he refrain from wearing any leather for the rest of this promotion. I just wanna feed him triple cheeseburgers on a 3/4hr schedule. How does he hold himself up on thise legs? They must be all muscle. Speaking of legs. Jinwoo has some nice thighs and his kNEES LOOKED SO GOOD. LIKE I'M SUCH A SUCKER FOR NICE KNEES AND HIS WERE A+. LIKE BRUH GET AT ME WITH THEM KNEES MAN. As for the rest of them I don't really have much of an opinion because I literally just got into them and I still have trouble telling them apart aside from Taehyun & Mino. I actually had to take screenshots and ask for names for Seungyoon & Jinwoo but I expect to be a pro by the time EXIT: X is out. Lastly, we have Baby Baby. As @MorganElisabeth already pointed out, we have a theory that Seunghoon ate Mino's fish and that's why he's curled ip in his bed waiting for a call from Petco. Haha. This is also probably why Seungyoon was angrily eating sushi alone. Problem in lovers lane boys? LMAO. As for Seungyoon, I actually have a small theory for him as well that ties into Taehyun's storyline in the video and in I'm Young. @MorganElisabeth helped with this one as well. Maybe they both let the fame get to their heads and just started drinking and partying it up. Obviously Taehyun learned his lesson, but it reaulted in the lose of his girl and lead to him taking long hit showers while thinking deeply. (ONCE AGAIN I THINK TAEHYUN NEEDS TO FIND HIS GOTDAMN CHILL AND EMBRACE IT. PLS. FOR THE SAKE OF MY HEART. 제발.) However, Taehyun's learned lesson aside, it seems Seunghoon is still in need of a wake up call. Let's just hope he gets one before more drama goes down. I'm doubting it though, lol. Overall, I loved the album and the videos.
curled up* that Seungyoon ate* As for Seunghoon* it resulted in* Autocorrect definitely was confused with the 'Seung' names. It kept switching them with each other.
I don't wanna think about I'm Young or else I'll wanna fight the world. Sentimental is great and I think Mino needs to get rid of whatever died on his head. Also he needs to be a more responsible pooper. He clogged the darn toilet. #ToiletProtectionSquad. AND SEUNGYOON'S LEGS ARE WORSE THAN BAMBAM'S. Boy could poke someone's eye out with them. Baby Baby was really good and I love the song but tbh @ChelseaJay and I came up with a theory about a certain savage Sushi lover eating his friend's fish and their friendship crumbling leaving COUGH Seungyoon COUGH to eat his dinner alone and causing Mino to wait by the phone for a call from the pet store. :'( Tragic, really. Also, Seunghoon needs to re-evaluate his life choices and shower scenes with Taehyun need to never happen again because my heart cannot take it. IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, the music was excellent and they did great work to make a remarkable comeback. I am not ready for the following months as EXIT is played out. We're only on E. [ hysterical sobbing ]
First of all winner's comeback is bomb,they took a while but it was worth the wait. I cried when i listened to pricked and I'm young. The other two where pure perfection but yeah lol. Also I heard that in the baby baby mv each member represented a member of bigbang and their lives
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