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Uhm so today WINNER released like a million mv's (only 3) off of their mini album EXIT:E and I have compacted them to this list nice neat card for you to guys to discuss them over if you haven't already. (But I'm pretty sure you did lol)
I am also including a link to this YouTube page where someone has awesomely gathered all of the five songs off of the album so you guys can listen to it.
Link >> here <<
Which is your favorite song off of the album so far?
Who is your favorite member?
Am I the only one not feeling Mino's hair in 센치해? (Cause I wanted to cut it off lol)

좋더라 (I'm Young)

This is the first mv to be released.
Who was excited to see Taehyun's solo? *wooooo* I know I was. *^* but I also totally felt for him and his pain.

센치해 (Sentimental)

I think this might be a favorite (I think Epik High's cover is the best) and I already had the chorus stuck in my head singing it all day. (AKMU also had a very cute cover)

Baby Baby

So uhm this song also had quite a few covers done on it and I'm secretly waiting for the full cover from DEAN's sultry smooth like silky honey voice....... @^@
This mv was the last to be uploaded and describes the loneliness people feel and the various ways that they try to mask least that's what I think and so do a few other people.....
Tagging all of you lovelies
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First of all winner's comeback is bomb,they took a while but it was worth the wait. I cried when i listened to pricked and I'm young. The other two where pure perfection but yeah lol. Also I heard that in the baby baby mv each member represented a member of bigbang and their lives
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@Marblue143 really?
2 years ago·Reply
@Marblue143 I haven't heard that theory yet either
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Yes yes and hell yes. I absolutely love these. When Winner first debuted I listened to their album and watched their mvs and that was it I never went further than knowing about Mino. Then this shit came out and I was like who are you blond sir? (you can read all about it in my card) Needless to say Taehyun has become my bias and I am now a fan of Winner. They really won me over with this album. Don't get me wrong the first album was good but I have had Baby Baby stuck in my head since it first came out.
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Oh on a side note Taehyun in that choker in Sentimental. Boy sit your ass down!
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