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The longest series created and the best adventure anime created in its time. Over 15 seasons and more than 700 episodes. Trainers and creatures live in this world. and it's called
Pokemon is by far my favorite adventure anime of all I have seen. Trainers and Pokémon exist within this world. They battle other trainers and gym leaders. Save the world from team rocket and other bad guys.
Who wouldn't want to watch Pokémon. Pokémon is awsome, owning Pokémon would be like a dream. who wouldn't want to own a pokemon. The best part is that you have to catch em.
what about living in the world of pokemon. I would defenetly.. What about you?
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I don't wanna burst your bubble but Pokemon is the biggest waste of an anime series. It was so good from Kanto to Hoen then Sinnoh happened and I realized that Ash frfr never wins anything which blows my life. He won the Battle Frontier and that's it. He's been in 6 different regions and hasn't won or come second in a single tournament. The Pokemon master dream is dead. This series is going nowhere real quick