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As if jet lag wasn’t enough, your anxiety over your actions would be. That and the possibility of running into NJ and Tae in person was going to kill you. You lay staring at the ceiling of the hotel room, not sleeping and every thought that has ever entered your head about NJ and Tae are making their way forward. You need sleep, your eyes are struggling to stay open, yet your mind refuses to shut down. All of this started when you stayed up one night so that you could watch BTS live on the V App. Knowing they sometimes answered questions or read comments that the fans give, you wanted to see if they would answer yours. About 5 minutes before they stopped filming, Rap Monster saw, read, and answers your question. You may have squealed, been ecstatic and floated up to the ceiling. A few minutes later your phone buzzes. Still floating on a cloud you aren’t even thinking about who would be calling, you just unlock it and fall on the floor. Your V App profile and your Line App profile are the same username and actually, the same picture. This was Line App saying you have a new friend request, well cool – maybe. You open it up and find not one request but two, both from the same geographical area in South Korea, hunh. You slide open the waiting message: Friend Request: 2 From Senders: NJ and Tae Do you know them? Their message to you: What brings us the greatest joy in life is finding fans that are real, not fan girly. Those with real life questions and answers. You seem like someone we would like to chat with, we will verify who we are if you are willing to chat with us. You are dumbfounded. No one watching the V App could have seen your question, nor could they see your username, only the group. Well, RM had repeated the question before he answered it. You aren’t about to fall for some dumb KPop’er who goes around trying to fool everyone into thinking they are an idol. It is easy enough to find pictures and post them as you, people do it all the time. Because of that you decide messaging without becoming friends is harmless enough and if you get the spooked from chatting with them, you can always block them. ME: My greatest joy is not being played by a couple of guys who want to get their jollies by seeing how gullible I am. Tae: I not so good with English NJ will chat. NJ: Very understandable. But this is us. I read your question and answered it on The V App. I like something about you, not sure what it is, but would like to find out. Maybe it is that you seem you would be easy to talk to. ME: Uh hunh, yep I’m really going to believe that NJ stands for Namjoon and Tae for Taehyung. Are you some sort of perv? Did you just pick me at random from a Group of usernames or something? NJ: Lol. We are not pervs, okay maybe we are but not anymore than any other guy out there. If you accept friend request we can call you and you will see us, that will confirm us. If you are still freaked out you can block us immediately. ME: Wouldn’t that be expensive since it is country to country? NJ: Long enough to verify us will not be too bad, you will see. ME: Fine. Reluctantly you hit the accept button waiting for the normal feeling of dread to overcome you when you do something you’re unsure of. It didn’t come, but what did come was a chat request. With skepticism in your mind and haughtiness on your face you click accept, than fall on the floor as Namjoon and Taehyung from BTS start waving at you from South Korea. You can see Jin and J-Hope in the background with members of their team; Jungkook is in the corner with his head phones on. Your pretty positive that your mouth has dropped open, that spittle/drool call it what you will – is starting to escape, and that your eyes are the size of silver dollars. Yep, that is one awesomely attractive picture to be presenting to two of your favorite idols in the KPOP world. They just smile and wave, Taehyung says something in Korean to Namjoon who nods and turns back to the screen. TAE: Hi, how are you? It is us no? You just sit there and stare. A full thought cannot process anywhere in your brain and words, yeah what are words? You stupidly close your mouth and nod. NJ: Ah we have shocked you. Why? Ah yes you thought us fake? You seem the type to be understanding and talk about other things that aren’t just related to our career, correct? Again, you nod. Taehyung’s smile spreads across his face. Tae: Don’t be scared, we normal just like you. Namjoon turns an unbelieving look over at V; “Well one of us is.” Your eyebrows shoot up and a burst of laughter comes forth that most likely sounds like a donkey braying. One thing was for sure, friendship was the only thing they would be looking for after witnessing your glorious cartoon face and animal like laughter. Suddenly you find your voice and as your eyebrows wrinkle together, you scowl at the screen. ME: Why me? Yep, faith, trust and pixie dust, that is your motto. Two incredibly hot and talented Asian men are on your video chat screen, willingly offering to be your friend and what do you do? You question it because normal, sane people always turn down offers of friendship. Namjoon just smiles, his dimples breaking through; NJ: Because you feel right, to both of us. Oh and V wants to know if you will help him with his English, he doesn’t think I know what I’m talking about it. Tae: Lies! I want her to help, she is prettier than you. More fun. You sit there, on the floor staring dumbly at the screen as Taehyung turns back to the screen, winks and licks his lips. Brain cells are totally lost now – you are dumbfounded. You start to tear up. What the heck?!? Can you save no face at all? But they are so cute, being so nice, and damn they’re smoking up your laptop! Opening your eyes wide so that the moisture doesn’t fall you smile and agree to help V with his English, agree to be their friend, and agree to get your head examined the next time you go to the Dr.
I really like where this story is going. If you don't mind, would you please tag me in the next one. I want to know what happens next.😇😇😇😇
Omg! This is just to fricken cute! Faith, trust and pixie dust!! lol
ugh my heart, I can't breath. that was epically the reaction I might give if celebrities every have me any attention. lol drool and obnoxious laugh.. then dying mentally of embarrassment.