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I wonder if anyone who is reading this ever takes the time to just think about how simple yet complex nature is. For example, this sunset: this was taken as I was riding back home from Rancho Cucamonga after visiting my family. Some clouds are tinted pink and, if you look closely, the sun has a few huge rays beaming out from the clouds surrounding it. Look how many colors are involved. Isn't it just so wild to think that something like this exists? It is beautiful without even trying. How does the sunset make you feel? It brings a sense of peace over me. The visit with my family took an odd turn and became very exhausting really quick. Looking at this sunset, before I took the picture, made me feel warm and peaceful. At the end of the tiring day, I got to see nature at work being as beautiful as it can be. Simple. Yet there is so much that goes into creating this sunset every day. It is pure science. After a rainy day, the clouds reflect the sun's light. The Earth is rotating and revolving in ways that give the illusion the sun is rising and falling every day. How does all this happen? Science.
sorry, hope you don't mind if I'm asking.. do you think is it all happen because of science?
no apologies necessary! i do.