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So we are shipping the lovely T.O.P with............. HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!
I mean who knows T.O.P better than T.O.P?
Besides.. Isn't he the reason he doesn't have a girlfriend?
Ah Tabi:) I loved shipping Tabi with Tabi
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i was feeling very down today and still am but at least seeing his face always puts a smile on mine. Thank you for shipping TOP with himself. @jiyongleo
@LateashaChantae You're welcome, I hope that you start feeling better soon! :)
This seems like a rather appropriate ship.
I have a teacher who looks like the ugly version of top which sounds kinda mean but he looked really good
@hajELF my history teacher right now looks a lot like an older version of TOP, he even makes the same facial expressions. the thing is he's half japanese xD I love him tho