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The one that sits next to you in every class: Taehyung Helps with homework: Namjoon Bullies you but actually likes you: Hoseok Doodles your name all over his notebooks: Seokjin Leaves Love Letters in your locker: Namjoon Boyfriend: Namjoon


This was where I first met him. My first love. The one I'd always have a hard time forgetting. This was where I met Namjoon. It was spring and I had transferred schools. My mom had become a big-time name in public relations and was now working in South Korea. Both my little sister and I were going to have to start over, and we didn't know the language. It would be easy for her though. She'd just grasped English and now she was going to be able to learn Korean from the beginning. I didn't have a choice but to start from the beginning at my age. It was more of a disadvantage for me, considering I was in the year before my last and transferring in the middle of the year at that. At least the uniforms were better than the ones back in the States. I stood out like a sore thumb. I'd managed to get into an arts school which was cool but I got looks from everywhere. I was clearly a foreigner. I was already nervous since I didn't know the language but there weren't that many kids from other countries in the school so I was a special one. Everywhere I went, I had people asking me questions about where I was from. The East Coast was never anything exciting and I still was far from fluent so my first day alone was super difficult. "누나!" I could say that I picked up on that meaning "older sister" when a guy was calling me. It couldn't have been anyone else but Taehyung. The kid sat beside me in one class and had begun to follow me around almost everywhere. He was kind of weird but in a cute way, like a newborn puppy learning right and wrong. His English was limited but I helped him where I could and he helped me learn Korean here and there. My first couple of weeks were fine. It was still hard since I was still learning the language and the customs but it really hit rock bottom fast when Taehyung's best friend, Hoseok, began to express his hate for me. I was constantly finding hate notes in my backpack, on and in my locker, around my desks in each class... It was like it never ended. I couldn't understand why he hated me. I tried my best not to do anything disrespectful and it seemed like I was getting by with the other students and not sticking out so much anymore. I was like a toy and the newness was wearing off little by little. Hoseok wasn't done with me though. It gradually began to escalate with him calling me names and picking on me with jokes that made more sense in Korean than in English and I found myself crying more often than not. I was forced to go to the guidance counselor when I had a mental breakdown in a graphic arts class. I couldn't stop crying and shaking. I had gotten bullied back in elementary school and I had gotten stronger, but being in a new place with new people and a language I had yet to comprehend was bringing back my anxiety and pressing on the nerves of the depression I had managed to get closer to overcoming. It was the end of my third week of school and the end of my first week with a counselor who thankfully spoke English. I was terrified when he brought Hoseok in, curling up in my seat and trying to get away from him. That's when he apologized and in English. He bowed, ninety-degrees, and, upon orders of the counselor, he admitted that he actually liked me. I admit, I flung a few things at him because I couldn't help thinking he was lying. "Amber," the counselor called my name in a sharp, clear tone and I lowered my hands to my side. "I'm sorry," Hoseok repeated before running out of the office. To make it easier for me, the counselor was adamant about finding another student that could help me with my work and understanding things to help reduce, if not completely erase, chances of something like the bullying to ever happen again. In the meantime, I was getting closer to completing my first month of school. My mom didn't know about the bullying and I made sure to keep it that way. I focused more on my classes and doing what I could understand. Besides Taehyung, Seokjin became the first one I had sit next to me in all my classes. If Taehyung wasn't there, Seokjin, the prince of the seniors, was sitting next to me. I never thought anything of it until he knocked his notebooks off his desk on accident one day. My name was all over his notebook, even though he never said a word to me. I blushed and decided not to think anything of it. I couldn't help but to figure that he was just some other guy that thought I was nothing more than that new, shiny toy for him to imagine playing with. He never said anything either. Little did I know that I would see him around more often years later, especially on my wedding day. Entering my second month of the school, that's when Namjoon entered my life. I didn't think it would make a difference but I grew so attached to him, little by little. It started when he just popped up at my house one day. "Who..Who are you," I stood there at the door, staring at the stranger who was smiling brightly back at me, dimples digging into his cheeks. "Namjoon. I'm here to help you with your work. Counselor Lee sent me over." "Huh," I nodded slowly and stepped aside to let him in. He bowed to my mother and smiled at my sister, immediately beginning to try to explain why he'd come over. I covered his mouth when he began to talk about the bullying and counseling, rushing him off to my room. I knew my mom was going to want to talk about it later but it didn't matter to me as long as it wasn't for the time being. We got to work and he was such a big help. I even worked on some of his projects with him, for his composition class and lyric composition class. I sang and he rapped and life was sweet. It was so easy-going hanging out with him and having him help me learn. It was getting closer to the end of the school year, before I entered my last year. Love letters and notes and gifts began to find their way to my locker and soon my front door at home. It was the strangest thing, until I finally started to take notice to the handwriting. I was sitting in my room during one of my study sessions with Namjoon while he was in my kitchen getting us something to drink. I was going over the notes in his notebook, the one where he'd translated things for me. The handwriting was way too similar. When I pulled out a note from my drawer, one of the notes that had been left on my doorstep, I didn't even have to compare it to realize it was the same. If it wasn't Namjoon, someone had a very good ability to copy his handwriting. When he came back in the room, he stood at the door, face flushed when he figured out what I was doing. "Namjoon... Is it you," I asked softly, laying the love note on his notebook. He looked down at the drinks he was holding as he stepped closer to me, setting them on the desk where we were working. He wouldn't take a seat next to me and just stood there for a moment. He finally looked down at me and patted the top of my head, a nervous gesture before lowering his hand again. I unconsciously held his hand, feeling my face go red. That spring, entering the summer, was the time I met my first love. It was the time Namjoon and I fell in love. ♡
Help me... I wrote a lot. I got carried away... To put it simply though... This story connects with the one I made for this other screenshot game > here < It was an accident that I connected it but it worked out that way. *sobs and hides in a hole* I'm getting feels for Namjoon with my own stories...
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@MrsJungHoseok Hm? This is actually me all the way though, for the most part anyway. I put a lot of me into the stories I write, too, but I'm glad you like it. You'll have to tag me in yours so I can read them! ♡
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