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Man Crush Monday Showdown: ROUND ONE!

Based on your votes, the MCM brackets are here!

I only included the top 18 nominees to make voting easier :D

Pick one of the two nominees (there are 9 battles!) and leave your votes in the comments!

(for example: lee minho vs kim woobin - choose one!)

May the best man crush win!

This round's voting ends February 6 :D

(I hope the crying gifs dont affect your decision lol)
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this will be easy... Kim woo bin seo in guk Kim soo hyun so ji sub ji change wook jung ill woo choi shi won ...the ones I didn't choose... we're not easy.
2 years ago·Reply
Kim Woobin Seo Inguk Kim Soohyun So Ji Seob Lee Hyunwoo Hyunbin Yoo Ah In Choi Siwon Jung Yonghwa
2 years ago·Reply
Kim Woobin Seo In Guk Lee Joong Ki So Ji Sub Lee Hyun Woo Hyun Bin Gong Yoo 😍 Choi Siwon Jung Young Hwa
2 years ago·Reply
Kim Woo Bin Seo In Guk Choi Siwon ( alllll the waaaayy ) didnt choose the rest as I havent watch their dramas.
2 years ago·Reply
it is probably too late to vote but i forgot about the voting ;-; didnt vote for all cos idk the rest but Kim Woo Bin Seo In Guk Park Bo Gum Lee Hyun Woo
2 years ago·Reply