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Got tagged in this awesome challenge! Thanks @ReynadeKpop ^^ I don't have too many playlists so here we go. My ultimate bias is above ^
First the kpop playlist : One of my first favorite BTS songs. Very sweet.
My second playlist : Love this song! It's great dance music and would be fun to see him dance.
My third playlist : Well....
My last play list : I have no words....
Lol i love seeing other people's favorite songs, it makes me want to listen to them.
@loftonc16 it's okay I knew what you meant, and I'm guessing they have a nice variety of songs to listen too~
@ReynadeKpop Yeah my bf got me into In This Moment. The group who sings the song I mean.
@loftonc16 okay, lol and I never hear a song with that title but I'm pretty sure others have songs like that on their results too
@ReynadeKpop Lol np np we can go with your idea.... TOP's influence. πŸ˜† The last one is pretty sexual though.... πŸ˜…
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