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Since no one voted on the last card, I will introduce 2pm's Maknae....

Hwang Chansung

To be honest i got a soft spot for this Maknae. He was born February 11, 1990 Making him Aquarius and year of the Horse. Oh he takes the cake next to taecyeon for being aDORKable. And one very tall maknae.
Nicknames: Italian Maknae, Chanana, General Hwang Blood Type: B Born in: Seoul, South Korea Height: 184 cm / 6 feet Weight: 75 kg / 163.1 pounds Religion: Buddhism oh my heart can barely handle this card... him and junho are my bias ruiners. xD
He knows Japanese and Korean...and has been learning Chinese with Nichkhun. Before he join 2pm he was part of a drama called High Kick. and used to have hair longer than Jacob Black from twilight. Until he he was 2 year into his debut music career. Than was part of dramas like seven civil servent as well as movies.
he is also a very good friend with BigBang's maknae Seungri as well. He is great actor, dancer, rapper and vocials and amazingly funny and loveable in multiple vareity shows in Korea, Japan and China. Ho and if you want to drown in desire for this maknae...I got just the thing... mind you i just discovered one of these and melted at his perfect english omg and he sucks at english.
remember this js just basic info you want to learn more about your favorite gotta do thr work haha 3 down 3 to go... Please vote the next member +Taecyeon +Jun.k +Wooyoung @MelissaGarza @victoria97 @MaeLyn @Nikkitty @drummergirl691 @jiyongixoxo @Helixx @BBXGD @marisamusic @LaurenDimalanta @PrettueeEmm @EliseB @tiffany1922 @Annaharris1989
Awwwww. Happy Birthday to the tall, banana eating, adorkable fighter ^-^
@CrystalGuerra if not i got other thing related to him to help xD
@xroyalreisx maybe it'll give me some motivation to draw him for his birthday!
Aww well happy birthday to my banana eating giant 😍
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