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#1 Ichihime. I love the way Orihime is so caring for people now matter how evil they are. I love how Ichigo is so protective over people even with people he just met, therefore I ship them hard. (credit to the original artist. NOT my work.)
#2 Yugo and Amalia. I fell in the with Yugo because he was so cute so I easily got attached to him. Amalia is a great character, sure she has her princess ways but she is also very sweet and adventurous. You see they develop feelings for each other throughout the story easily making me love them together. (credit to the original artist. NOT my work.)
#3 Gruvia. Before even watching Fairy Tail I shipped Gruvia cause I knew Juvia was crazy in love with Gray but also very protective, she will do anything for him and always be at his side. We all see Gray open up more to her and maybe even have feelings for her. I love how similar Juvia is to Kagura from Fruits basket, a woman madly in love. Gruvia forever and ever. (credit to the original artist. NOT my work.)
I will take these ships to my grave. mwhahahaha.!