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It's no secret that we all evolved from apes. However, in our vanity of humanism, we tend to think of ourselves as higher than animals in all scenarios. But this just isn't true. In actuality, most of our actions are directly related to that of our primitive selves. While you probably think immediately about kinky sex whenever you hear dominant or submissive, these words describe the two types of people there are. A dominant person will lead conversations and initiate actions, whereas a submissive person is "down for whatever." In dating, opposites attract. So a dominant person will be turned off by a dominant person. A submissive person will not want to date another submissive person. When we talk to people, we subliminally analyze what type they are. Originally, men were predominantly dominant. Women were mostly submissive. But this all changed around the time of women's suffrage in the 1900's with women having to become very dominant in order to be heard. Today, you will see a whole slew of women who are dominant and men who are submissive. And this makes dating a little bit more tricky. Often times men might be dominant but give off multiple submissive cues through their body language and vice versa. But it is very important for you to think critically about which one you are, so that you know where you stand when meeting others. I will also try to do a Short Sweet Body Language on some of these cues if y'all would like.
@nicolejb no. Even though it can be hard to determine which is which, or both may give off dominant/submissive vibes, they are opposites. A power couple is more likely going to be opposites who pair up very well and thus work better together than apart.
SO Interesting @BrendanFred!!! is there such a thing as two dominant people in a relationship, and maybe that's why we have the term "power couple"?