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grinds his gears....
@lavonyork is that second one how you feel about deadpool too?
I think that's why I also hate the idea of that Gwenpool comic book coming out because it's basically a fan girl of Deadpool and tries to be a Merc like him lol
@InVinsybll I was fighting about the second one today on my other blog lmfao. There are a lot of new people on the Deadpool train that can not even tell you when his character was created or anything about him. However I guess the movie did build a new fan base which is good, until you come across people who think they know it all about Deadpool because they saw the trailer. I hate the word Fan boy Fan girl but it happens. Just like certain video game movies aka resident evil you have people saying that I love playing as Alice 😂. Face palm lol.
that first one had me laughing way more than it should have, lol