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“Y/N! I'm so glad you're here early,” the event planner runs up to you the moment you entered the building. “I need you to finish setting up these decorations before our guests arrive. You're a doll for doing all this.”
“Volunteering? It's not like it's my first time doing community service,” you stick your tongue out to tease and take the streamers out of her hands.
“If only more people were as kindhearted as you,” she hugged you in the spur of the moment.
“I have too much spare time,” you say nervously when she pulled back, hoping she would take it as a joke when it was the blunt truth.
“Too cute,” she laughed, “Okay, off you go cutie, we've got lots to do before the event kicks off, and our hosts are scheduled to arrive in a couple of hours.” She smiled sweetly then hurried off to the other side of the room to set up the snack bar.
You yawn. Five thirty was way to early to be a charity event but helping others was second nature to you so every hour you put in was worth the cause.
There were bounce castles, face painting stations, snack bars, and a room filled with video games, all dedicated to fill a child's heart with happiness. The event was being held by BigBang's very own Seung-Ri and some of his friends, so being a VIP and a regular volunteer, not only did it touch your soul, but it also made your heart beat like crazy because you had a chance to actually meet him face to face!
<<You're one of many faces girl, just be glad to be under the same roof as him for a few hours.>> You sigh, climbing up the ladder and continue taping down the streamers on the walls.
“Please be careful,” a voice called out to you out of the blue. You turn to look so quickly that the ladder shook with the sudden movement.
“Shit,” you breathe, feeling the ladder lean to one side too much.
“I got you,” the voice said firmly from below you and steadied the ladder. You put a hand over your heart and sigh in relief. “This is dangerous, please let me give you a hand,” the voice spoke once more.
“Thanks,” you reply and look down, preparing to descend. Below you was a smiling Seung-Ri looking back up at you. He holds up a hand to help you descend the ladder and you take it without realizing what you were doing.
Your eyes stayed glued to each other while you climbed off the ladder, like an innocent doe staying eye to eye with a threatening predator, and with him being your bias, you knew you were the innocent doe and he was the predator preparing to pounce. You withdraw your hand once your feet touch the ground and hold it to your chest.
Your mouth dries up, preventing any words to pass through, but you still manage to bow.
Seung-Ri chuckles, “Is that a greeting or a thank you?” His English was perfect.
You blush and force yourself to swallow a huge wad of saliva that had built up to moisten your mouth. “B-both,” you stutter and look down to hide the embarrassment burning in your eyes.
Seung-Ri smirks and returns your bow, “Well in that case, hello and you're welcome. You're a beauty aren't you? What's your name?”
You bite your lip and bow again, “Y/N. Thank you for the offer to help but I can handle this,” you change the topic.
Seung-Ri takes the streamers out of your hands then jumps on the ladder, “Can't have a pretty girl like you work so hard,” he winks at you and climbs up. You hold the ladder for him in silence until the wall was decorated.
When he'd come down, he'd take a moment to check you out as you moved the ladder to a different position. You bit your lip and kept your eyes low, avoiding and for of physical contact with him by moving your hands and even yourself out of his way.
"You're not much of a talker, are you?" Seung-Ri said from above.
"I can't find any words to say," you blush, slowly building the courage to look up at him. When your eyes finally reached up to his position, Seung-Ri looks down and shoots you a bright smile. Instead of your heart skipping a beat, it jumps a hurdle, making you pry your eyes away from his perfect face and keep themselves focused on the ground to hide your cheeks from the obvious evidence of embarrassment.
He laughs, "Don't be shy, pandas are the nicest animals in the kingdom."
<<Yeah, but you're not a typical panda....>> your mind wonders.
A few more minutes of silence pass then Seung-Ri climbs back down and gets called away to another task by one of his friends.
You cover your face with both hands, “that was so awkward!” you exclaim in a whisper when you make sure you're alone. “Now he's going to think you're always this weird!” After a few more minutes of scolding yourself, you take the ladder back to the storage room and set out to find the event planner for another job.
You bump into Seung-Ri and his friends multiple times while you scurry around with tasks, and every single time, he ends up leaving his friends behind just to help you out. You can feel his eyes on you the moment you enter the room he was in, like a hungry lion spying on a naive zebra.
It was obvious to him that you were nervous when he was around because you would suddenly drop out of whatever conversation you were in and bite your lip. Goosebumps ran across your skin when he stood next to you, and when you'd shiver, he'd smirk and offer you his jacket, which you'd reject politely, every single time.
When the event actually began and the building filled with children, you became occupied with making sure that the kids running around didn't go and hurt each other. But once things settled into an easy flow, you spent the rest of your morning at the face paint station, turning children into various animals.
“Can I be panda like oppa?” a little girl jumped on the chair in front of you.
“Oh, I take it you're a VIP?” you smile at the little girl.
“Uh huh, Panda oppa is my fwavorite and I want him to see that I am panda too,” she giggled.
“Then I'll make you the prettiest panda ever,” you giggle with her and dip the brush into the paint cup.
“Are you VIP too, unnie?” she asked when you began to apply the white paint on her cheeks. At that moment, Seung-Ri had heard her say 'VIP' from a few feet away and had gotten closer to eavesdrop on your conversation.
“Yes I am,” you giggle again.
“Who your fwavorite?”
“Hmm, I like them all but Panda is my favorite too,” you smile like a dork to your confession, oblivious to the grinning Seung-Ri behind you.
You finish making the little girl's face into a panda and get the green light from the event planner to take a much needed lunch break. You wonder through the building for a few minutes and find a nice quiet place on the other side of the building to take your break.
The floor was cold on your butt and your back to the window made you shiver but it was a hidden corner away from the chaos and the wall felt nice to lean your head on. With your knees tucked in and your arms wrapped around them, you fall asleep in a matter of minutes, exhausted from waking up so early and running around to prepare things in the morning.
"Silly girl, you're going to catch a cold,” a voice entered your dreams, then you felt instant warmness spread throughout your body. You stir and let a soft sleepy moan escape from your lips.
“Aishh,” the voice expressed, “So innocent....”
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