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@neaa always sis, i wish i was there for you on this special day but since i cant be is bouquet of calla lilies and since you're foodie, i would have given you a box of covered strawberries...congrats and love yah sis!!!
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it's been a long time since i last talked to @neaa, and that is when she is going to college.. and now, WOW, Congratulations on graduating, i'm / we your friends are soooo proud of you.. *big hugs*
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@OnLyTiM3CaNt3Ll oh.. thanks a lot!! hope you make the best of your last year.. leaving friends and searching for a new direction is going to be hard.. so all the best!!
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@katieloidlei thanks unnie!! i'm going to be more frequent now.. atleast till i join my job!
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@neaa.. better late than never... congrats girl... we're proud of you...^^
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@nylamrehs thanks unnie
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