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My first Kpop MV was *intense thinking* was Either big banbg's haru haru(the first song that I learned to sing) or Taeyang's full Solar album caus so bought a DVD set or it. Comment yours below...?
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@Vay754 I feel you. @ShawnaWise I wish I had a kpop buddy. but now I have them but I wish I had th when I first got into kpop @mariadelzam I think gee was the song that as most catchy when I first got into kpop.
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Super junior Bonarama was my introduction, but VIXX took my soul from Hyde and it has been a wonderful addiction
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Big bangs fantastic baby
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All it took was a clip of EXO's Wolf
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Overdose by EXO. I told my friend who listen to Kpop before me that I finally listen to one. We fangirl then she recommend me some groups and mv's
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