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1. I was bullied really bad throughout 4th-about a month of the end of 8th grade. In that time I didn't have any friends. My self esteem plummeted and I got really depressed. They stopped bullying me once they found out I was moving away. To this day I worry that people are talking shit about me behind my back. Because of this fact I only have 2 irl friends but they're slowly slipping away from me. I've also never been in a relationship. #foreveralone
2. I started to listen to Kpop in June sometime after Bang Bang Bang came out. Jenna Marbles, a youtuber, has a radio show called the YouTube 15 where she plays the top 15 trending songs on YouTube at the time and that was one of them so I decided to check it out, since she was listening to it so much and spamming snapchat, and I fell down the black hole that is Kpop, followed a blog that did gif reactions, Zico-Mino-trash, asked her some recommendations, got BTS and Block B them found GOT7, B.A.P, VIXX, and Seventeen.
3. My favorite group goes by the name Best Absolute Perfect. They're just awesome. I started to listen to them about a week before Young Wild and Free came out. Warrior and Badman might be my favorite music videos.
4. I'm 19, turning 20 on June 26. My parents call me the devil child because I was June 26 1996. I have blue eyes and naturally curly brown hair. I've dyed it blonde sophomore year and black last year, but my favorite hair color had to be when it was black and purple. The purple had faded into a pastel almost white purple. But I've bleached it since then and it turned a weird color and now my roots have grown out making it worse so I need to bleach it again. I really love to play with makeup and find special effects makeup to be cool.
My first drama was Angel Eyes but my first movie was 71: Into The Fire.
6. Jung Daehyun is husband material for me. That is all.
7. I've only ever has one job. It was at Walmart and it was for a month. I ended up quitting because they put me in charge of too much. It was too much for one person to take care of and my boss said she saw my quitting coming. Although I did get to work with a girl that was born a day before me (or after I don't remember) but same year and everything.
Bonus: I love baking.
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