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Thank you @krin for the tag!!

1. Picture, GIF, or video of at least one Big Bang member holding, picking, or smelling flowers

2. Video of my favorite solo track by any Big Bang member

This one was a rough decision to make.

3. Video or GIF of Big Bang on Running Man

4. G-Dragon wearing a hat

5. Picture of Seungri's birthday 2015

6. Picture, video, or GIF of something non Big Bang related that reminds you of Big Bang

That awkward moment when someone is talking to you about Pic 1. the Big Bang theory & all you hear is Pic 2. Big Bang

7. Big Bang nail art

These 2 are my favorites

8. Video or GIF of Daesung laughing

9. Big Bang member with a mullet

Personally I'm not a fan of the mullet but DAMN my baby makes it look good!!

10. Mint T.O.P

11. Big Bang getting ready backstage

I know technically they're on stage but it's a rehearsal so hopefully this counts.

12. Taeyang with a child

I couldn't decide which to use so I went with my top 3.
@Helixx Well said, very swoon worthy. Window is #1 on my list of favorite songs from him. As far as the video, I had an outside the box moment with that one. I wanted to share what I feel is a very important step in the "backstage, behind the scenes" process. Seeing them interact with other artists, fans before the show, goofing around in their waiting room, etc. are all great & I never get enough of seeing that but... I also love seeing the work they put in during rehearsals, it's something that you don't often get to see & I treasure that. Making sure they're hitting their marks onstage, working with the dancers, other staff interactions, all of it just blows me away. I wasn't aware that I was doing that, I was just going off what I like😊
GD performing Window is swoon worthy. I love that song and he looks so good in that video. Thank you for including that. As for BB getting ready backstage, that video doesn't technically count, but I'm going to count it because I enjoyed watching it. Playing to the Judge's tastes and likes works in this case.