ONLY ONE WILL BE CHOSEN!!!! SHINee, Seventeen, or Monsta X All Things K, on facebook, is organizing a tour for the following countries: USA, European countries, Mexico, New Zealand, and Philippines. All the fans are waiting for the anticipation for the unveiling of the band. They will release a video announcing who will be coming later on this week. They left us with these clues. So who do you think will be coming.
Here is what some people think the numbers mean. Which spells out Monsta x name.
Shawols are saying the numbers represent their song Lucifer and leader Onew. The ring for their Ring Dong Ding hit.
Another theory is that its Seventeen because they received rings for their debute. who do think its right or if there is other theories I'm happy to hear them.
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@CreeTheOtaku TvT i feel you.... my wallet can't take anymore of all this kpop concerts.
@DulceZelaya Oh, have they said anything yet? :o
@AmbieB not yet everyone is waiting for them to update the event page. when they do I'll let you who is coming!!!!
@DulceZelaya I'd like that. thank you! ^^
i really want it to be shinee!!!! of course i would be happy if it was the other two groups.