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When Youngjae goes out he always tell you to dress warm. Even if its your birthday he will always celebrate it ✌✌
Youngjae always says the sweetest thing to make you blush plus he always makes you laugh
While going out he got a cold from missing you
Sometime Youngjae misses you to much he starts to do anything for your attention.
ONE SHOT STORY You had just woken up by your phone. You grabbed your phone and looked at the screen it was Youngjae calling you. Why in the world is he calling at 4:23 in the morning you thought to your self. So you answer the call and youngjae was telling you how bad he is missing you. Youngjae and you were talking on the phone for an hour now and he wanted to face time you so you said sure. He finally got to see your face and he was really happy he told you that he will be coming home in 3 days. You jumped up from your bed and stared jumping on your bed and yelling. It's been at least 5 months without your boyfriend next by your side all you get to do is Snapchat face time call and text. Youngjae was laughing at your cuteness once you stopped you and youngjae stared talking untill he had to go to work.
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Yugyeom 😭😭😭
So far it's like our Yugy is coming next 😭😂
Jackson! They are all biases tho so it doesn't really matter.