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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 23/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.
You were awake and calling for Jungkook.
And Jin was boiling in anger.
At first he was kind and understanding. You had come to depend on Jungkook and had woken up afraid, but Jin was here now. He was always going to be there.
You didn’t need Jungkook.
Jin quietly watched you. He noted that you shifted uncomfortably from the pain in your leg and how you seemed so out of place and confused. He then remembered how you seemed perfectly fine when Jungkook was around and it bothered him. “He can’t make you happy, Y/N.” Jin mumbled, “He can’t keep you safe. He doesn’t love you-”
“It doesn’t matter if he loves me, I love him.” You snapped, trying to get up from bed.
Jin’s gaze darkened, “You don’t love him.” He hissed, gently pushing you back over, “You’re not allowed to love him and if you don’t stop I’m going to kill him..”
Namjoon blinked as Yoongi threw the bloody bullet fragments at him, blood covered hands clenched into fists. The man hadn’t said anything yet, just glowered at him. Glancing down, he raised a brow at the bullet pieces on his desk.
“It’s nice to finally see you again too, Yoongi hyung.” He greeted slowly, eyes trailing to the empty doorway behind the green haired man,”But why are you so…alone?” His smug gaze passed over the heaving man, “I’m sure you know what happened to the last man named Yoongi who stepped into my office.”
“What the hell is wrong with you?” Yoongi finally spoke. Crossing the room, he snatched the book Namjoon was reading from his hands, flinging it somewhere behind him, “First his brother, now his sister? What the fuck do you have against Jin?”
“Nothing. My problem is with you.”
He reached out, grasping a fistful of Yoongi’s shirt and slamming him against the desk. Head throbbing, Yoongi stumbled back to lean against the couch. What was Namjoon doing? They never laid a hand on each other. It had always been that way, no matter how tense things between them got. Namjoon rushed around the desk, forcing Yoongi down onto the ground while he was still dazed. If Yoongi got any sort of barings, Namjoon would be in trouble. “Tae!”
Namjoon forced Yoongi’s hands out in front of him, hands pressed flatly against the floor as Taehyung crept in, an excited grin on his face. “So…guess what Hobi hyung taught me?” He asked excitably, delicately lifting one of Yoongi’s hands. Yoongi groaned,
“Namjoon what are you doing?” His fingers curled at Taehyung observing his long fingers. Knee digging into his back, Namjoon held Yoongi’s shoulders down.
“You’ve been hiding for years and now that you’re out in the open, I’m not letting you creep back into the shadows without showing you who’s boss here.” He hissed, “You came alone on my turf! What that fuck did you expect to happen?!” Taehyung chuckled,
“So..I guess it’s obvious we had something to do with Y/N getting shot..but I was a really good actor, right?” He forced Yoongi’s hand back at an odd angle, feeling the straining tendons, teeth clenching, “Right?” Tae’s smile returned and he was rubbing the most likely sore wrist, “Ah, I’m sorry hyung.” He murmured, “I’m just still a little upset about Jungkookie, you know? He was like my little brother and then your little whore comes in and all of a sudden Jungkookie doesn’t remember who his real family is.”
Taehyung softly pet Yoongi’s hand, ignoring the scathing look Yoongi was sending him. “So anyway, I caught Hobi Hyung.” He grinned widely, teeth fully on display, “And it only took three bullets to get him to teach me his trick. So I’m going to show you, hyung.” He beamed, “And then I’m going to show that little whore too, and I’ll show her again and again and again..and maybe I’ll show her something else after..”
Yoongi jerked at his hand, “You’re fucking sick. Get the hell off me.” Taehyung cooed, splaying out Yoongi’s fingers.
“It’ll be fun, I promise. I’ll invite everyone to watch; you, Jin, Jungkookie..” He explained softly, “So I pick one of your fingers..” He stared down at them, observing each one carefully,” But I don’t tell you.” He grinned happily. “And then you pick one and hope that it’s the one I’m thinking of…” Taehyung’s smile darkened, “So pick, hyung.”
Yoongi slowly curled in his index finger. Taehyung started to shout happily, but quieted when Yoongi’s pinky curled in as well. Patiently, Tae watched his thumb and ring finger tucking in against his palm to join his index and pinky.
Defiantly, Yoongi’s middle finger stared back at Tae. “When I get out of here, I’m going to strangle you with my bare hands.” He threatened.
The man laughed, “Ah, you’re funny, hyung! You’re right too! That’s the finger I was thinking of. If you were wrong, then I’d get to break all your other fingers or chop them off, Hobi hyung liked to change it up and he usually drugged them, but I don’t have anything with me. You got it..so you’re okay for now.” Taehyung hummed, “Now, it’s the same thing as before, but now we add in my hands and Namjoon’s…so which finger am I thinking of?”
Yoongi tried to turn his head to look back at Namjoon, but couldn’t move very much, “ What does Jungkook and Y/N have to do with me?” Their stories were contradicting. Namjoon claimed he needed to show who was boss, but Taehyung was talking about Y/N taking Jungkook away from them.
Namjoon clenched his jaw. “Because you didn’t come out until she showed up.”
Yoongi felt his blood pressure rising, “You fucking killed Choi!” Since when did that mean he showed up solely for you?
“Because of her!” He argued back. Namjoon wasn’t about to let Yoongi play dumb on this. He knew exactly what was going on in his organization at all times. He knew about you the moment Jimin abducted you,” You knew she was here! You knew and you let her live!” Any other unforeseen complication was erradicated and yet you were still alive. “You didn’t have Choi kill her! You could have, but you didn’t and I want to know why.” Namjoon demanded tensely...
“She’s Jin’s sister!”
“Since when do you give two shits about Jin!? You don’t care about Jin’s family, otherwise you would have apologized a long time ago for us killing his brother!” Namjoon shoved Yoongi’s head against the hardwood floors, “No..this is about her and this is about you, Yoongi. And you’re trying to cover it up with Jungkook and I won’t have it.” He growled, “I didn’t fight you at that damn river and split our group up over Jungkook for you to turn around and try to use him because you fucked up. I’m going to kill her and then I’m taking Jungkook back. Your sick mind games are going to stop.”
Yoongi sighed, he wasn’t playing mind games. You and Jungkook were like that before he even came into the picture, “He’s in love with her.” He mumbled. Yoongi had nothing to with that.
“You made him think so-”
“He was in love with her long before I showed up! He was in love with her before I even saw her-”
Riled up in his anger Namjoon yelled, “He’s not allowed to be in love with her! And if you don’t kill her I’ll kill her and your whole organization.” Yoongi felt Namjoon’s knee slip from his spine and he shifted, jerking Taehyung’s hand towards him body and forcing it back and Namjoon fell over. Taehyung screamed, lurching back and cradling his hand to his chest, fully expecting Yoongi to go after Namjoon..
But Yoongi’s eyes were on him.
“I wasn’t fucking lying.”

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