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Otaku (おたく/오타쿠) is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime/manga fandom. Depending on where you are, it can be a negative term, but I'm going to teach you a playful Korean term based off of this word!

This version of the word is usually used jokingly and means no harm :)

In Korean the sound "OH" (오) as in "OHtaku" means "5"

(Think of it as 5-taku)

The Korean sound "SHIP" means "10"

In order to call someone a SUPER OTAKU, an OTAKU x2, or someone who is all-knowing and really REALLY into something...
You call them...

십타쿠 (SHIP-TA-KU)

or...10-taku :D

Get it?!

It's a Korean play on words :)

What would you be considered a 10-Taku for?

people think otakus are depresse but inside we are full of emotion when we are waching anime
I'm 십타쿠 for sebooty
i love anime and kpop stuff so yeah xD i am a shiptaku for howls moving castle big time
lol This is pretty neat, I like the play on words. 😂 However I don't refer to myself as an Otaku to begin with so it's not usable in my case. Thanks for the tag, I enjoy learning new things. 😎
I am friends with a bunch of shiptakus, it's horrible
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