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Here are some tender kisses/attempted kisses between Teen Top's members for you angels. ♡♡♡ ^^^ lol I feel the same Niel
to start off I think it is beautiful that Ljoe and Niel are each other first kiss lol who was your first kiss? or if you havent had it yet, who would you like your first kiss to be with? mine was with Donnie Rucker back stage of a theater during a show we were in together when I was 16 haha.
ppo ppo hae!!!
just date already!
Um...ok I was just going to gif this but the struggle noises changjo makes are just so hilarious so I thought you would just enjoy the video more. ah yeah at the end the pd asks, "how sweet does it taste?" and chungjo's reply is, "it's very sweet" kekekeke
I have the deepest desire to be that hand...*cries cause I'll never be as blessed as that hand* xoxo angels!! let me know if you want to be tagged in future cards!!
@ElleHolley he has those kissable lips lol everyone wants a taste ♡♡♡
Tag me!!!
😂😂😂😂 It seems like Niel is always getting kissed or kissing someone. Especially in Teen Top Rising 100%
@jespinosa1546 of course!! :)