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Chapter: 2 Title: The Meeting Sunlee pov. I finally got out of practice at 2:43am. I decide to go to the dorms since it's closer. While walking to my dorm i saw a man with orange hair running into the dorm I stayed in while this girl was just standing their. But then I just ignored her and went inside. But the girl stopped me and said "Don't You Dare Touch Him". All I said was I don't know who your talking about so you should go bye bye now. I finally got into my room and change into some comfy clothes and went to sleep. Jimin pov. 8:45am I woke up because my phone went off ringing and it was a call from Namjoon hyung. Ne hyung Jimin-ah presidant bang said you have a month off because your mom wants to talk to you abd prepare something for you. Oh okay hyung bye Bye After that phone call I just went back to sleep. Sunlee pov. 11:12am I finally woke up since I don't have any schedule for the month. Jyp told me to take a break for a month because he saw how hard i was working. I finally got up from my bed and did my morning routine. I got a call from my mom and she told me to go to The Super Cafe at 2:30 and I'm like okay. Jimin pov. I finally got up and did my routine. I got a text from my mom friend Kihoon and she said to go to The Super Cafe at 2:30. I text back okay. Author pov. It was finally 2:30pm and they left to The Super Cafe. Sunlee mom told them to sit at the last table next to the window. But they didn't know they were going to meet each other. They thought they were going to meet Kihoon. Sunlee pov. I got their at 2:59. I guess I'm early. Since i supposed were supposed to meet at 3:30. So i went to go sit at the last table near the window and waited. Jimin pov. I got to the super cafe at 3:03pm. When i arrived i saw this girl sitting at the table so i went to ask her if i can sit there. She looks so familiar who is she? Sunlee pov. This guy came up to me and said if he can sit there and i said sure. But i swear i seen him before. ~Jimin oppa~ Jimin thats who he is he's from Bangtansonyeondan. But wait is it that girl who i met yesterday? Jimin Pov "OMG IT'S KIYONG" Jimin oppa who is this girl? "Since the lady in front of me has her head phone blasting in her ears ill tell her shes my girlfriend. I hope she believes me" Kiyong shes my girlfriend WHAT! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME PARK JIMIN!!! After what she said that she ran out the door crying. The girl in front of me still didn't notice so i just looked at her. Sunlee pov. I finally took off my head phones and looked up at jimin. He was staring at me so i waved my hands in front of him. He finally notice me waving my hand and said sorry. Hey what's your name? Sunlee. Oh Sunlee i said with a smile. He was shocked he looked at me and said he likes my music very much. I said thank you and asked him why is he here he said his mom friend told him to come here and sit here.  I just said wow and asked what is his mom friend name. He said Kihoon. OMG I might sound weird but Jimin are you perhaps my arrange partner. What is your moms name Sunlee? My mom name is Kihoon OMG I think i am? ~~~To Be Continued~~~