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First D.O Kyungsoo. 😍❀️ #1 bias because he has a weird personality like me- he is cute, good acting, and was my first bias and will always be! 😍❀️😘😊 and lips are ❀️
Second Kim Bobby. Bobby is kind, he's good at rapping, weird personality like me, ss (sweet smile)! 😍❀️😊😘
Third L. L is cute, kind, and he's good at acting! He has somewhat a lot of talents! 😍❀️😊😘
Fourth Seungyoon. He has good sense of style, kind, and is lips are perfect. He is talented : songwriter, plays guitar, sings... 😍❀️😊😘
EXTRA: Make sure you go watch and subcribe to JREMKL on YouTube! He's the best and funny... His videos are mostly Reaction videos of YOUR favorite KPOP STARS! Please go check him out! ☺️