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Tis the only way to the amazing Steph Curry.

Put your hand on his forehead so he can't get past by you.

This photo was taken after the game against the Knicks.
And when Curry was asked where the scratch was from, he answered that it was from,

"Some great defense."

And when asked if it was from Carmelo Anthony, he simply nodded.
And this was Carmelo's response.

Classic Melo.

Can you think of any other ways to stop Stephen Curry right now?

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@djdoubl3up Nice bro! Nope I haven't heard of them haha. What are your favorite teams>?
well I'm from Mexico orginally and have famin OAKLAND and HalfMoon Bay which is like 40 mins from San Francisco so you know I rep the bay teams in sports, As, Raiders and of course rhe Warriors. however I grew up in the Northwest so I rep Portland Trailblazers all day! I went to the university of oregon so i rep Ducks for college hoops and as far as football goes ima huge Ducks fan and secondly I rep the Seahawks. I would say I like Portland as my fav and Warriors second for pros tho. other teams I like to watch are Clippers, Bulls, Mavs, Nets, Sixers. 馃槉
@djdouble3up Ahh you must be having a helluava season if you're supporting the Warriors!
yup I used to love watching the suns play cuz they okay the same type of run and gun offense that I ran in highschool and now I see the warriors have been doing the same thing for a few years so yeah very excited that a team that doesn't rely on big dudes to win arw champs 馃槉馃槉馃槉
@djdoubl3up Yeah proving to the rest of the basketball community that it's not always the size that will win games hahaha I love watching them play although I'm not a huge fan of them!