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Tis the only way to the amazing Steph Curry.

Put your hand on his forehead so he can't get past by you.

This photo was taken after the game against the Knicks.
And when Curry was asked where the scratch was from, he answered that it was from,

"Some great defense."

And when asked if it was from Carmelo Anthony, he simply nodded.
And this was Carmelo's response.

Classic Melo.

Can you think of any other ways to stop Stephen Curry right now?

@djdouble3up Ahh you must be having a helluava season if you're supporting the Warriors!
@djdoubl3up Nice bro! Nope I haven't heard of them haha. What are your favorite teams>?
@djdoubl3up Hahahaha that doesn't mean Melo can scratch Curry's face!!!!!! You a basketball fan bro?
@Bobs Hahaha I guess it's an actual thing!
I do similar things on the hands are on the person's eyes when they take a jump shot...I do this only to ppl I can't stop lol
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