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This slang term comes from @byeolbit who was showing me a tweet about VIXX that referred to Hyuk as "세젤 귀여운 혁"...

...but what does 세젤 mean?!

It turns out, its another "shortened" Korean word!

It combines these two words to make one:

세계 - World


제일 - First, most, best

Take the first syllable of 세계 and turn 제일 into 젤 and voila!

세젤 - World's most!


Who do you think is the 세젤 귀여운 (world's cutest) Kpop idol?!

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TOP and JB
Jungkook(BTS), BamBam(Got7)🐍🐍!!
hmm 세젤??? bts jungkook! I can't stop the nuna feels hahahahahah
to me taemin is the cutest but besides taemin, myunghan from high4 is super cute omg
But there are soooooo many 세젤!!!!!!!!!! Jungkook, Suga, Minho (WINNER), Mark (GOT7), Donghae (SuJu), etc.