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So, this is a connection story of the two screenshot games that I participated earlier. The first one was the wedding one. >Read Me First< The second one is actually a prequel story. >Read Me Second<

It actually may be best for you to read this story after reading the second link...

unless you're fine with piecing everything together. I'm a dunce because I can't figure out how to explain how to piece this together. >< Tagging @MrsJungHoseok and @emhoover1993 because they wanted more. ♡ And tagging @heidichiesa because this is based of the games that they tagged me in. ♡ I hope you enjoy. ^^; Ps. I do intend to write more to this little group of stories. ♡
That's where I laid, staring in his eyes as he stared back at me. We were laying on our picnic blanket under a cherry blossom tree in the park. It was so romantic that it felt so storybook. It was ridiculous. I never imagined that I would fall head over heels for anyone but Namjoon had come along and I didn't want him to leave. We were probably the cheesiest couple at our school. Always holding hands and lacing our fingers together, wearing couple items whenever we got the chance, working together on every project we could. It had gotten to the point that we actually won little awards from our peers, such as “Best Couple” and “Most Likely to Wed.” Those weren't the exact superlatives but that's about the best American equivalent I could think of. We were a well-known couple around school and, even when I'd graduated and Namjoon was still attending the school, we still found ways to always be together. Happily ever after doesn't actually last forever though, does it? Our worlds began to whizz by one another all of a sudden. I was working with my mom and her PR firm while Namjoon was busy getting scouted by entertainment companies because of his talents and gifts with music. I knew that he was an underground rapper and I supported it, supported him, like I did with everything else he put his mind to. I liked to sing but I'd gotten caught up in helping my mom with her work for her company and with helping my sister with homework and driving her to school and activities, both in and out of school. I wasn't getting much of a break. We were fresh out of high school and, yet, we could feel ourselves drifting apart. “I don't want you to leave me. I don't care how famous you get just...just don't disappear on me, okay?” I knew I probably sounded crazy. That wasn't the kind of person I was. I didn't want to hold him back from his dreams in any way but I also didn't want him to leave my side. For the first time, the fact that I was so deeply in love was beginning to blur my lines of what I should and shouldn't do and what I should and shouldn't say. I just wanted Namjoon and I to have our happily ever after. Only a year after he'd graduated and we were having discussions like this. We were still so very young but we'd talked about life and what we'd wanted out of it and our plans, regarding both career and family. It didn't make sense as to why, all of a sudden, the paths we'd worked to keep united were beginning to split. “You know how much I love you. Do you really think I'm just going to leave you like that? That I can just leave you like that?” His words were engraved in me. He wouldn't leave me. No matter how famous he became and no matter how busy I got, we wouldn't drift. We wouldn't let out love slip away from us. We wouldn't. We couldn't. We couldn't. We couldn't fight destiny. Reality. Whatever you want to call that force that was determined to drive us apart. He'd gotten in as a trainee to an entertainment company. It wasn't a big name or anything but it wasn't one without some kind of reputation though. Me? I had somehow slipped into the acting world. I blame it on the fact that I'd stepped in for some of my mother's clients when they just needed an emergency model or someone to give a demonstration and sometimes for advertisements and PR work that was to be done in all English. I'd gone from commercials to small appearances on television shows to getting permanent roles in different shows. Even as entertainers, our world's were dragging us apart even more and neither of us were sure that our paths were to ever cross again. “Fairytales don't just end like this, do they?” He had been joking but it was a very painful cut that was digging into the both of us. “But...storybooks end... Could that be where we've come to?” I hated the words that were leaving my mouth. It had been two Christmases since I'd last seen him in person, let alone just felt his presence in the same room. He was debuting soon though, which would make it even more impossible for us to be together at all. He was my best friend. My boyfriend. My first true love. I could hear him choking back tears of his own. Namjoon wasn't the type that thought it would make him seem weak if he cried but it definitely wasn't something he did often and I couldn't do anything to stop him from crying, let alone over the phone. I couldn't even stop my own tears anyway. What good would I be to him? Looking down at my hand, where I wore my couple rings, little did I know he was doing the same. We simultaneously spoke the same words that rendered us completely silent. “Is this it for us?” ♡
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