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I know some of us have talked to this before, but as I've been getting more and more impatient to just be able to binge watch ERASED, I was thinking about it again.

How do you guys prefer to watch your anime?

While it's airing, or all in one big chunk?

Pros of Watching While Airing:

- less likely to face spoilers
- can discuss it with other fans who are watching
- if you've seen a lot of anime, it gives you new material faster
- you might end up watching a whole anime hoping it'll get better at the end but it never does
- great for watching really long, ongoing series so you don't fall behind (lol)
- lots more!!!

Pros of Watching Once Complete:

- you can decide how many episodes you want to watch at once
- you don't have to wait for a new ep to be released
- you can see what people think is worth watching
- you can find out if an anime you aren't really enjoying is worth sticking through for some twist / change that might come later on
- especially good for binge watching seasons up to 24 episodes long
- less likely to lose interest between episodes & forget to watch
- lots more!!

What's my choice?

I think this is up to everyone personally, and my choice is to do a mix of both! I like having shows to look forward to, but in between, I tend to binge watch shows to keep me amused & to get through shows that are already complete that are on my list.

So, what do you guys prefer to do?

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Existential crisis? Did DANISNOTONFIRE say this?
2 years ago·Reply
after completed but im watching one piece right now ive binge watched allbthe episodes up until the current episode just cause it was there you know
2 years ago·Reply
I like watching it once it's completed
2 years ago·Reply
If I am watching different anime I prefer them while airing, but when i'm only gonna watch one at a time I prefer for it to be completed
2 years ago·Reply
I can do both. Sometimes I like watching when it is not fully completed because I can take my time to watch it. And sometimes I rather watch when it is completed so I can binge watch that anime
2 years ago·Reply