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We just learned about how to ask someone to do something for you politely (here!) but now its time to use that phrase in a more serious setting:


We learned that 주세요 (ju-se-yo) actually means "Please give me"

To help is - 돕다 (dohp-da)

To ask someone "please help me" you'd say:

도와 주세요!

(doh-wa ju-se-yo)

Listen at 4:44 (its really fast!)

도와줘요 마마마마 마마마마 Turn back

Help us mama mama mama mama mama turn back
도와줘요 is slightly less formal than 도와주세요 but it means the same thing!

Have you had to use this phrase recently?!

whenever I look at my life and realize how much kpop has ruined it LOL
I haven't used it but I hear it in dramas ^^
yes, with my tutor... I had gotten off track in my studies and told her I need to go back to square one and start over and asked her if she will help me since there is no access to formal instruction in Korean near me (which is strange given our high population of Koreans near me)... So I'm back in my books reviewing everything from the alphabet forward
I look like the girl in the first gif "oh my god I need help" on a daily basis
thanks for all your lessons!!^^you're awesome!!
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