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Hello I'm Alexandra but I go by Allie. I'll give you guys 5 fun facts about myself...
Number one: I work as a cashier at a gas station. Fun Right
Number two: My all time favorite Marvel comic to collected is X- Man . I've been raised on X-man my whole life and I still love them. ❤
number three: I'm known to have a dry sense of humor. Which comes off as being mean without me trying. Most won't know if I'm serious it not until I start to break out laughing. But unfortunately it gift and a curse of you ask me.
Number four: I love all kinds anime. there to many I like so I'm not going to list them at all.
And finally number five: I'm a huge gamer. I play all games from pokemon, to dead space. I don't have a favorite at all. I'm also very competitive unless I get lazy or I don't feel like playing... any ways that is all.
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@AllieGrabowski yeah one day. I got him to watch an episode of Agent Carter and he was like "yeah that was good" haha so I'll make it happen eventually
2 years ago·Reply
Part of it is his eyesight isn't great so reading the tiny text is hard
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 oh I see sorry to hear that... but at least you got him to watch a marvel show
2 years ago·Reply
@AllieGrabowski thanks, he does all right. Yeah, we're starting small haha
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 small is good 😀 and that good.
2 years ago·Reply