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Who has done something like this before?

I'm notorious for setting my friend's alarm tone as a kpop song (since she has one kpop ringtone for me LOL)
Well I am now.... maybe I'll post kpop memes all over school for senior prank
I accidentally left my phone at my friend's house once and my alarm went off at five in the morning.. SHINee's Everybody. The alarm starts off like "WOAH! EEEVERYBOODY!!" and she said it gave her a heart attack and she was freaking out trying to find where it was coming from ><
My best friend isn't into Kpop, but she lets me show her videos, lets me talk about Kpop to her, she even tags me in Kpop posts on Tumblr! This is true love, guys.
@QueenLee if you do you should take pictures
@AluSparklez a similar event happened with me only it was Sober playing loudly at 5 in the morning and it was my sister who freaked πŸ˜‚ she's a kpop fan though C:
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