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1. The introduction Hola. I am L A the Head Merc in Marvel and the SPN Mod. I freelance in Funny and WTF and prance around in other communities in Vingle. I'm sarcastic, outrageous and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. My personality is Deadpool like lol but I don't hump everything and lay out innuendos on everything. I appreciate creativity and being original. I see plenty of talent with in my MWM crew and accross all of Vingle which is absolutely amazing.
I'm a gamer, Archer fan and just like learning new things period. Age, Gen X take a wild guess lol. You are as old as you feel lol. I'm currently home recovering from my kidney transplant and have been on Vingle for about 6 months woot. Anyway I'm keeping it short and sweet. Hail to my Mercs with Mouths!
@LAVONYORK of course ^_^
Thank you dear!
Woo! Ps the pearls are a good look :D