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@esraozcelik376 I tried the Jordan coffee way, they boild it in the pot, and then drink it. It is completely different with what we drink in Vietnam. I think in Vietnam, we did also the different unique style to drink coffee up till now :) You should google vietnamese coffee drinking culture. YOu would suprised as well :)
You did a pretty congratulations research. :) I know it would be more painful than the Arab coffee with sugar, we might as well on request ..
Well, it is good for me to read more about Turkish coffee hehee
In the Arab world, "Turkish" coffee is the most common kind of coffee. It is called Arabic coffee (qahwa ‘arabiyya, قهوة عربية ). Constructions such as "Egyptian coffee," "Syrian coffee," "Lebanese coffee," and "Iraqi coffee" draw a distinction in the flavor, preparation, or presentation of different kinds of Turkish coffee. In Jordan many drive-through coffee shops call it boiled coffee (qahwa ghali, قهوة غلي ) as opposed to the other kind of coffee that is pre-boiled in a big container and continuously heated which is called poured coffee (qahwa sabb, قهوة صب ).
@Tapsamai Turkish coffee is optionally sweetened or unsweetened. Served with a glass of water as a chocolate or Turkish delight is served, is also a very nice smell of coffee ..
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